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AAP Course

Special Course from Asia, Africa and the Pacific Rim (AAP)

This special postgraduate course, called the "AAP Course" is intended to provide opportunities to enable nationals of the countries in Asia, Africa and the Pacific Rim to pursue a course of postgraduate study at the Faculty of Agriculture, Kochi University. The intent of this special course is for graduates to continue their specialized and high-level study. A Master's Degree in Agriculture is to be awarded to the candidates who have completed all the requirements and whose dissertations have been approved. The AAP Course is made up of 13 research fields as shown below.

Admission PolicyCurriculum Policy Diploma Policy

Subtropical Agriculture
Subtropical Horticulture
Biomechanical Systems
Forest Resources Science
Forest Products Science
Aquatic Bioscience
Aquatic Chemistry
Maritime Environmental Engineering
Agro-Environmental Chemistry
Applied Biochemistry
Environmental Microbiology
Genetic Resources Science
Rural Studies/ Agricultural Economics
  • The course consists of thesis research and course-work. All the instructions are in English. Students can also attend lectures in other courses in Japanese language.
  • The course is a two-year Master's Course.
  • Students will be awarded a Master's Degree in Agricultural Science from Kochi University after completion of the course.
  • After graduation of the Master's Course, students have a chance to go on to the AAP Ph.D. Course of the United Graduate School, Ehime University. Students who are admitted to the AAP Master's Course as privately funded students are not approved to apply MONBUKAGAKUSHO (the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) Scholarship.

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Letter of Recommendation

Record of Contact with the Prospective Academic Advisor


Manuring practice of rice plant in the experimental field

Advanced Life Science and Agriculture
(Compulsory Subject)

Experiment for the control of the circulation of the nutrient solution in the cultivation channel

The Study Tour

Doctoral Courses The United Graduate School of Agriculture, Ehime University
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