Faculty of Agriculture and Marine Science, Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Kochi University

Graduate School of
Integrated Arts and Sciences

Graduate Shool of Agriculture(Master's Course)

APP Course

Diploma Policy

I. The AAP Special Course requires students to undergo at least 2 academic years of research training and guidance and take a minimum of 30 units. To be awarded a Master's Degree in Agriculture requires students to have demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of the course materials, to have submitted and successfully defended a master's thesis, and to have received a passing grade on all designated examinations.

II. The following requirements must be satisfied before completion of the Master program:

1. Obtaining comprehensive knowledge and understanding technology concerning environmentally friendly and sustainable agriculture, forestry and fisheries for food production, necessary for a global leader who can contribute to bio-industry or to public service in consideration of environmental conservation.

2. Acquiring the ability to be self-motivated to positively address environmental issues and challenges and to individually find and develop solutions, utilizing the acquired knowledge.

3. Developing the communication and presentation abilities in English necessary to disseminate advanced knowledge and research advancements internationally.

4. Acquiring the ability to consistently assess and scrutinize the phenomena involved in the human-nature symbiosis, and to execute investigation with strong sense of commitment to the highest moral and ethical standards.