Kochi University Faculty of Education Attached kindergarten

Kindergarten Introduction

Greetings from the principal

Education in collaboration with the university and local communities.

Located in the center of Kochi City, our kindergarten has over 70 years of history since it was established. The generously large site includes plentiful playground equipment and facilities, and beautiful flowers bloom in the garden all year round. Since the kindergarten collaborates with Kochi University ‘s Department of Education, teachers and students from various specialized fields are involved in the kindergarten curriculum. In such a blessed educational environment, all our faculty and staff, including class teachers and childcare assistants, are practicing education while helping students to cultivate the foundations of learning.

We continue off-hours childcare and our open garden for the benefit of parents and other locals who support us. In collaboration with the university and local community, we would like to promote a fulfilling education for the children who come to the kindergarten with cheerful smiles every day under everyone's warm gaze.

Professor of Education at Kochi University Pianist
Misako Kawamata 

Professor of the Department of Education at Kochi University Enrolled since the opening of the Early Childhood Education Course in April, 2015.
Since April, 2022, concurrently served as the principal of the kindergarten-affiliated Kochi University’s Department of Education. After graduating from university, worked at the kindergarten for 12 years, and after that, went on to the graduate school to obtain certification to cultivate childcare worker training.
Recent Works: “Exploring Childcare That Grows Together” “Childcare Content General Theory” “Seed Book Infant Curriculum Theory Education Curriculum ・Organizing and Evaluating the Overall Plan” “Compass Childcare Principle – Childcare for Children Living in the Future”


The kindergarten was converted from “Yumenokuni” to a private kindergarten, then a national kindergarten attached to the university.

Our kindergarten is based on the Children’s Culture Institute “Yumenokuni” established as a Students’ Circle of Kochi Teachers College in1948, and later was approved as a private kindergarten. In 1955, it was converted to a national kindergarten, established as a facility attached to the university and continues to be today.


Our kindergarten conducts practical education research on the direction for goals and innovations and improvements for solving problems regarding early childhood education, while staying focused on contemporary challenges surrounding young children, as a kindergarten attached to the National University Corporation. Therefore, since 1953, we have had open workshops and published research bulletins, with research themes that meet the needs of the time. In addition, since 2017, as a joint education program we have been promoting collaboration between the kindergarten and the Department of Education of Kochi University, and have been conducting cooperative research.

Number of children and staff

Number of Students(2022)

Age Class Name Boy Girl Total
5 years old
older children
Hato 10 5
Sakura 9
5 14
4 years old
middle-aged children
Usagi 9 10
Ume 9
10 19
3 years old
younger children
Momo 6 15 21
43 45 88

Number of faculty and staff(2022)

Official Position Number of People
Principal 1
Deputy Principal 1
Kindergarten Teachers 5
Childcare Assistants 6
School Nurse 1
General Manager of Ozu Office 1
Office Assistants 2
Janitor 1

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