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Welcome to Dpt. Environmental Medicine, KMS

The Department of Environmental Medicine, Kochi Medical School provides international students to seek postgraduate studies and edge cutting research opportunities. Recent progress in genetic researches draws more attention to the other factor, the environment. The reciprocal relation between the host and environment keeps the life of host, but slight deviation from optimal condition may lead to adverse health effect, disease and finally to death of host.

We have to say that human health is kept on careful balance between humane intrinsic factors and the surrounding environment. Such relationship is observed not only in physical function but in psychological function. Mental health status also depends on both host factor and environmental factors in occupational and general environment. On the other hand, recent neuroendocrinologic studies link psychological and physical functions through neural function and hormone as mediators.

The uniqueness of environmental medicine is that it focuses on the interaction between host factors and environmental factors. The department deals whole aspect of occupational and environmental medicine, including occupational lung diseases, allergy, infectious diseases, mental health problems, herb and functional diet, and international health. Our stand point is relatively preventive side rather than clinical, but the scope of research interests demands vast knowledge of medicine. Implementation of our research findings may be achieved through environmental risk control, health behavior change, chemoprevention, policy making and legal system reform. As we need multi-disciplinary approach on the process, researchers with various backgrounds are welcome.

Our focus on the health effect of environmental factors will continue to bring us new opportunities throughout the world. May these Web pages give you useful information about our research and teaching programs and inspire you to join us.

Narufumi Suganuma , MD , PhD
Professor and Chief