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External Prescriptions

Except in special cases where medicine can only be dispensed at the hospital or where immediate medication is required, you will be issued with a prescription that will enable you to pick up your medicine at an external pharmacy.

Thank you for your cooperation

▼ Obtaining your medicine with an external prescription

University Hospital

Pick up your prescription and send it from the External Prescription Corner.(Free of charge)


Take your prescription (original) to the designated pharmacy.
Because you do not need to wait at the hospital while a pharmacist prepares your medicine, you can save time.

Your chosen pharmacy

Your prescription is received by the pharmacy and the pharmacist begins to prepare your medicine.


Please pay for your medicine at the pharmacy.
The pharmacist will prepare your medicine and have it ready for you to pick up immediately.

If there is anything you are not sure about, please ask at the Medicine Enquiry Window or the External Prescription Corner.

▼ Obtaining your medicine from the hospital

Step 1

Hand in your medicine ticket when you pay.

Step 2

When your medicine has been prepared at the pharmacy office, your number will be displayed on the board next to the Medicine Enquiry Window.

Step 3

Check the number indicated on your medicine ticket and pick up your medicine at the Dispensing Window.