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Guidance and procedures for general outpatient visits

▼ New Patients/Return Patients Window

◎ Documents required: Registration Form, insurance card, letter of referral (where applicable)

If you arrive at the hospital before 8:30 a.m., please fill in the Registration Form, which you will find on the writing stand, place it in the plastic case together with your insurance card, put the case in the New Arrivals box at Window 2 and wait to be called.

▼ Obtaining a Patient ID Card

Upon completion of the registration procedure, you will be given a Patient ID Card and other necessary documents in a plastic case.

▼ Checking in at the relevant department

When you have received your Patient ID Card and other documents please hand them in at the relevant hospital department and wait to be called.

▼ Consultations and examinations

During your consultation, please follow the instructions of the doctor, nurse or other hospital personnel.

▼ Presenting documents at the Cashier Window

Following your consultation you will receive your Patient ID Card, an Outpatient Treatment Sheet and other documentation from the department concerned. Please present this documentation at the Cashier Window (No. 3), where you will receive a numbered account ticket, and wait.

▼ Payment

◎ Items provided: Receipt (appointment card for your next visit, medicine ticket), etc.

When your charges have been calculated, the number of your account ticket will be displayed on the account number monitor on the automatic payment machine.Please see here for instructions on how to use the automatic payment machine.
An appointment card and medicine ticket are attached to the receipt.Please check the date and time of the appointment.

▼ Obtaining your medicine

Patients not obtaining their medicine from the hospital

If "External" is indicated with the number of the medicine ticket attached to your receipt, please exchange the ticket for an external prescription at the External Prescription Counter in front of Dispensing Window No. 5.Should you wish to fax the prescription to a pharmacy, there is a fax machine at the External Prescription Counter.

Patients obtaining their medicine from the hospital

If the medicine ticket attached to your receipt only contains a number, the number will light up on the Medicine Display Board. Please pick up your medicine at Dispensing Window No. 5.