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About KMS

It contributes to the local medical treatment of Kochi Prefecture.

 The dramatic progress of the sciences of medicine and medical treatment have in recent years been a great source of stimulus for society as a whole. In order to effectively deal with this situation, medical specialists and practitioners are now compelled to build their own system of ethics. The foundation of such as system is cognitive and problem-solving ability form a variety of perspectives, supported by tenacious ethical capacity and a sense of balance, cultivated over an extended period of time.

 At Kochi Medical School, our purpose is to turn out students with excellent ability as well as strong motivation toward the medical profession and medical treatment, and who have appropriate skills over a broad range of subjects, educating them to be medical professions who can meet the diverse social needs of this century equipped with a strong sense of ethics, a life purpose, and flexibility in their approach and thinking-individuals who have a strong desire to make a difference in the local medical community of Kochi Prefecture.