Kuroshio Science program

What is "Kuroshio" ?

A warm ocean current flowing northeastwards from the Philippne Sea past southeast Japan to North Pacific.


Kuroshio Current is one of the greatest currents in the world, which influences very much on culture of people, climate, natural resources, and the community structures of plant and animal in most of Southeast Asian countries. We establish an intelligent and excellent ground for research and education as a doctor course, the Graduate School of Kuroshio Science (presently "Kuroshi Science program), for studying on the natural and social science of Kuroshio Current area.

However, we are not concentrating on only Kuroshio expansion, but also have many areas for researches. We try to contribute to society though analyses of the targets from literature and science viewpoints for creation a new learning field in which we’ve never noticed.

Creation a new learning field “KUROSHIO SCIENCE”

We create a new study concept of not the Kuroshio Current, but named “Kuroshio Science”, and are advancing the research that aims at harmonious coexistence with nature.

The wide sense of the Kuroshio Current area in the study indicates the entirely including the activities and many problems between the nature and people there are, and they are the fatalistic collaboration connected.

In this study, It would convert the direction of human’s activities through clarification of a fundamental causal relation what man activity disturbs the environment of the earth and the ecosystem from various problems of which seem to happen separately.

It is indispensable for the realization of the study to feel for the way of the solution by understanding the problem, analyzing from various fields in cooperation. Therefore, Kuroshio Science has created as not the study of subdivided old model, but a new study field in which integrated both arts and science.