Aim of our PhD course

Course Objectives

The principal objective of the comprehensive, interdisciplinary Kuroshio Science course is the education through integrating and providing an overall perspective of a number of specialist fields. The course focuses on resources, environment and society, medical health science, food and nursing pertaining to the extensive regions and marine areas (hereinafter, Kuroshio Region) extending from the countries and regions of Southeast Asia to East Asia. Kuroshio Science aspires to promote education and capable people in the following ways:

  • To train researchers and educators to possess a high level of expertise in their respective fields as well as knowledge of and perspective on different fields
  • To train new types of researchers and educators who gain an understanding of the new concept that is Kuroshio Science and possess a broad global perspective
  • To provide capable people who lay a foundation based on Kuroshio Science with a broad global perspective, as well as who can play an active part in regional industry and the business community