A. Supervisors

For student guidance, one supervisor and two or more co-supervisors are assigned to each student. One of the co-supervisors is from a specialist field different from that of the supervisor. This arrangement helps to provide advice and guidance from an alternative perspective and, after graduation, helps graduates develop the competence to be highly skilled professionals and technologists who possess knowledge and skills which enables them to respond flexibly to a broad range of challenges on a number of fronts, and can participate in interdisciplinary discussions.

B. Role of Supervisors


  • Discuss and set research topics with students
  • At the beginning of each semester, design the education research plan with students
  • Work with the co-supervisors and guide and evaluate participation in the Kuroshio Seminar and Special Exercise, and dissertation research and writing according to the degree evaluation criteria
  • Through this guidance, have the students acquire knowledge and skills whereby they can continuously contribute to research activities and society as highly skilled professionals or technologists after being awarded their degree

Co-supervisor (A): same field as the supervisor or a closely-related field

  • Work with the supervisor and provide research guidance related to the dissertation. If the supervisor is not able to provide guidance due to some unforeseen circumstance, co-supervisor (A) will assume responsibility for education research guidance

Co-supervisor (B): field different from both supervisor and co-supervisor (A)

  • At the end of each semester, obtain a briefing and report from students on their research results and progress, and guide and advise students from the perspective of a different field so they can objectively evaluate their own research progress
  • With the supervisor and co-supervisor (A), review the methods and principles of instruction to determine whether they are sufficient to encourage a wider vision in education research and foster enriched learning