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"Research Center for Global Environmental Change by Earth Drilling Sciences"

(April 2010 - March 2016)

April 21, 2010 : Kick-off symposium

This project aims to establish a "research center" in Kochi University. The main research theme of the center is to investigate changes in the Earth's environmental system, particular keywords of which are (1) earth environmental changes, (2) seismogenic zone and (3) submarine resources.

Our goal is:

(A) To establish the "research center" for investigating changes in the Earth's environmental system based on earth drilling sciences and field survey.

(B) To establish the `research and education center' for earth drilling sciences and submarine resources sciences.

Project outline
The CMCR is one of the three main IODP core repositories in the world and has state-of-the-art instruments for high precision analyses. With benefit of these facilities, the project will aim to tackle three key research subjects in earth drilling sciences. Members of the groups are not only from the CMCR but also from other faculties in Kochi University.

(1) Environmental Change Research Group

+ Cenozoic climate evolution in the polar oceans
+ Interactions between the Kuroshio and Asian monsoon
+ Long-term changes in geomagnetic field intensity during Cenozoic

(2) Seismogenic Zone Research Group

+ Physical properties, deformation structures and rock-fluid interactions in the seismogenic zone of Nankai Trough
+ Material cycles using radio isotopic tracers
+ Investigation of modern and ancient cold-seep communities

(3) Submarine Resources Research Group

+ Processes and environments of marine mineral deposits
+ Search for deep-sea hydrothermal vent
+ Atomic-level study on the behavior of gas hydrate systems

Member (as of April 2010)
Name Affilliation Status Specialization Role
Group (1)
IKEHARA, Minoru CMCR Associate Prof. Paleoceanography Project Leader
Group Leader
IWAI, Masao Faculty of Science Associate Prof. Micropaleontology
TANAKA, Hidefumi Faculty of Education Professor Paleomagnetism
YAMAMOTO, Yuhji CMCR Assistant Prof. Paleomagnetism
KATSUKI, Kota CMCR Postdoc fellow Micropaleontology Associate
Group (2)
MURAYAMA, Masafumi CMCR Associate Prof. Isotope geochemistry Group Leader
KONDO, Yasuo Faculty of Science Professor Paleontology
HASHIMOTO, Yoshitaka Faculty of Science Associate Prof. Structural geology
YAMAGUCHI, Asuka CMCR Postdoc fellow Structural geology Associate
Group (3)
OKAMURA, Kei CMCR Associate Prof. Analytical geochemistry Group Leader
USUI, Akira Faculty of Science Professor Submarine resource geology
KODAMA, Kazuto CMCR Professor Rock magnetism
AKAMATSU, Tadashi Faculty of Education Associate Prof. Applied infomatics
CMCR Postdoc fellow Rock magnetism Associate