Faculty of Agriculture and Marine Science, Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Kochi University

Message from the Dean


Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture and Marine Science / Head of the Agricultural Science Program, Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences

 The Faculty of Agriculture and Marine Science was established in 2016, and the first students graduated this March.
 Based on the fields related to agriculture, our Faculty established two more educational/research fields, marine resource science and marine biological chemistry, to strengthen our field of marine science, which focuses on global resources, industry and the environment. Our Faculty cultivates motivated professionals who can further the development of "a sustainable future society that maintains a proper symbiotic relationship between humanity and the environment". Students will not only develop expert knowledge and skills in practical technology related to agriculture and marine science, but they will also acquire a broad education. The Faculty cultivates human resources with the ability to comprehend the world from a broader perspective through a scientific approach, in addition to being able to identify challenges, solve problems independently and present themselves effectively to the world.

 This April, we started a new master course, the Agriculture and Marine Science Course. In our master course, we aim to foster experts, advanced generalists and researchers with high knowledge and techniques, who based on the expertise cultivated during the Bachelor's course, can address many issues such as food production, environmental stability and high usage of bio resources in a wide range of areas from mountains to oceans.

 I hope that in our undergraduate school and master course you gain knowledge and skills about life, resources and the environment necessary to adapt to changes and improve the world in an era of rapid change.