Faculty of Agriculture and Marine Science, Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Kochi University

Annual Events

Welcome to Our Campus!

Monobe Campus Where
Many International Students Study

Although there is a slight difference in number each year, around 150 international students are studying at Kochi University. Nearly a third of them are enrolled at Monobe Campus.

Fulfilled Tutor System

Tutor System

In order to support international students who are new to Japan, senior Japanese students help them with their study and daily lives under the one-to-one tutor system.

Kochi University International Student Community Network

There is a website for supporting both current and prospective international students. You can exchange with current international students, gain useful advice from graduates, and get information from our University.

Lots of Fun Exchanges among International Students

Many fun events are held for international students to exchange with other international students of Asakura, Oko and Monobe campuses. These are great opportunities to communicate with each other and deepen mutual understanding.


Annual Events


Apr. 1 : Beginning of the Academic Year
Early April :Entrance Ceremony
First Day of Classes (First Semester)
Orientation for New International Students
(Asakura Campus)


Early July : Shikoku Intercollegiate Athletic Meet


Summer Vacation
AAP Summer Seminar

It is a famous summer dance festival in Kochi, where nearly 20,000 dancers in colorful costumes dance and parade with naruko clappers. Many Kochi University teams such as "Homura" and "Tabi Geinin" practice dancing and participate in the festival. The dancing provides a sense of achievement and team spirit that will enrich the participants.


Sep. 1-30 : Special Classes


Early October :
Orientation for New International Students
(Asakura and Monobe Campuses)


Study Tour for
International Students


Early December : President Cup Road Relay
Friendly Concert at the Medical School Hospital
Late December to Early January : Winter Vacation

Friendship Party for International Students
Hosted by the President of Kochi University


Special Classes
Workshop for International Students


Mar. 1-31 : Academic Year-End Vacation
Late March : Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony