Faculty of Agriculture and Marine Science, Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Kochi University


Four fields come together to take on the challenges of solving local and global problems

Huge advantage of having field sites close at hand

The department has its own farm and a practice forest where students receive practical training and perform experiments every day. In addition, it has various field sites, primarily in Kochi Prefecture, that operate in cooperation with the public, private, and academic sectors in the areas of agriculture, forestry, and river basin environments. Furthermore, there are many field sites overseas in collaboration with universities and research institutions in Asia and African regions. Many motivated students go out to the sites to study, even while they are still juniors in college. Diversity and proximity to field sites are a huge advantage when studying agriculture! Students have the opportunity to gain experience at a high level in terms of both quantity and quality.

▶Four fields

Subtropical Agriculture

The "Kochi Model" is leading Asian agriculture!

To overcome its topographic disadvantage, Kochi prefecture makes the most of its warm climate and abundant sunlight to thrive in cutting-edge agricultural activities. Students will learn agronomic strategies that can be disseminated to the world, including the development of technologies for agricultural production, advanced environmental control, and the genetic improvement of crops.

Natural and Environmental Science

Handing over rich ecosystems to the next generation!

A variety of issues are closely intertwined in the global environment. Students will contemplate the coexistence of the human and natural environments and will acquire a wide range of knowledge and technology, enabling them to hand over rich ecosystems to the next generation.

Forest Science

Conserve a forest and explore the potential of biomass!

The forest is the heart of circulation on Earth, because it plays a role in CO2 recirculation and bringing nutrients into the ocean. Students will learn about its functions in the public interest and about the roles of forest ecosystems. They will also learn about healthy forest establishment and management and advanced use of resources.

Agricultural and Environmental Engineering

Build the foundations of a recycling-oriented society by using environmental protection technologies!

Students will learn about establishing soil and water environments essential to agriculture; the development of food processing and preparation facilities for products; and the basic theories and advanced technologies related to conservation and improvement of the living environments of local communities, including agricultural communities.
*This is a JABEE Accredited Education Program (Agricultural Engineering).