Faculty of Agriculture and Marine Science, Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Kochi University


Overturn existing international conventional wisdom from a chemical perspective

Unparalleled attention and fun! This is the future that can be realized by biotechnology!

Biotechnology has attracted attention as a key solution to food, resources, energy, and environmental issues. For example, exploration includes the development of biodegradable plastic by utilizing biological macromolecules, using plants and microorganisms to purify contaminated soil, and research into insect deterrent technology with little environmental impact by using insect sex pheromones—the possibilities are infinite! In this department, students will have a wealth of opportunities to get involved in advanced research that is the stuff of dreams.

▶Three groups of classes

Biological and Environmental Chemistry

Fight soil contamination and desertification!

From a global perspective, students will learn about the conservation and rehabilitation of soil environments that support biological activity. They will also gain basic knowledge of the material dynamics of soil–plant systems and the mechanisms of nutrient absorption by plants.

The Chemistry of Plant and Animal Health

Handing over rich ecosystems to the next generation!

Improve diet and health through healthy biological production To achieve food safety and security, students will learn in practical ways about plant, animal, and human health; useful materials produced by living organisms; safe food production and health promotion; and ways of applying these concepts to food production.

Microbial Chemistry

Microbial resources are a treasure trove of possibilities!

Ninety-nine percent of the microorganisms living in nature are not utilized because we can't culture them yet. Students will learn about the search for, and the breeding and industrial utilization of, microbial resources, as well as the development and application of functional biological molecules.