Faculty of Agriculture and Marine Science, Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Kochi University

About the Faculty of Agriculture and Marine Science

Aiming to achieve a sustainable society where people and nature coexist in harmony

Taking maximum advantage of the geographical benefits of Kōchi Prefecture, which has a vast and variegated natural environment, ranging from mountain to sea, the Faculty cultivates motivated professionals who can contribute to the development of "a sustainable future society that maintains a proper symbiotic relationship between humanity and the environment". Students will not only develop expert knowledge and skills in practical technology related to agriculture and marine science, but acquire a broadly based education. The faculty cultivates human resources with the ability to comprehend the world from a broader perspective, through a scientific approach, as well as to identify challenges, solve problems independently, and present themselves effectively to the world.


Three departments that respond to social needs

Today, the government and prefectures have formulated policy measures to enhance production sites, add high value to agricultural and livestock products, and enhance initiatives in the hilly and mountainous areas. There is also growing demand for trained marine specialists who have the knowledge and skills needed to maintain and manage regional and national natural resources.
This new faculty, with three departments, has been established to respond to these challenges.


▶Program features

Nurturing field-oriented human resources

Mountain, river, farmland, and ocean - all are present and closely intertwined in the ecosystem of Kōchi Prefecture. Taking full advantage of this distinctive characteristic of the prefecture, the faculty follows an uncompromising field-oriented approach, to nurture human resources that excel in creativity, responsive capabilities in the field, and the ability to act.

Specialized education begins in the first year

In order to enhance the experience of first-year students, 'Field Science Practice', a hands-on introductory course in specialized science education, is offered along with the general curriculum courses in liberal arts and science, soon after they enter the university.