Faculty of Agriculture and Marine Science, Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Kochi University


Japan's first comprehensive marine studies helping us to understand, protect, and use our oceans

Become a professional marine specialist!

Marine resources are being seen as promising new alternatives. In this department, students will learn about all kinds of resources in the oceans, deep seas, and seabed, ranging from organic to nonorganic. First- and second-year students will experience the abundance of nature while on FS (Field Science) practice and will study resource management as well as the law of the sea under the Shikoku 5-university collaborative programs. Third- and fourth-year students will acquire specialized knowledge and technological skills in each of their courses.

▶Three courses

Aquaculture Course

Effective use of fisheries resources can solve our food problems!

The sea off Kochi Prefecture is where the Kuroshio Current flows to the coast and supports a rich biodiversity. With the aim of vitalizing fisheries, sea farming, and seafood processing industries, students will learn about the sustainable production and use of fisheries resources from various perspectives.

Marine Resources and Environmental Course

Lead the world in the development of offshore resources!

Based at the Center for Advanced Marine Core Research, which is a global center for drilling earth science, students will learn to create the technology needed to explore undersea mineral and energy resources. They will also learn about the impact observation and assessment of marine environments potentially affected by the development of offshore resources.

Marine Biological Chemistry Course

Marine biotechnology is paving the way to a prosperous future!

Marine microorganisms are receiving attention, as their study is expected to lead to the discovery and application of new pharmaceutical products and functional substances. Not only in Tosa Bay but also over the seas of the world, students will learn the information and technology they need to explore marine microorganisms and chemically verify their use.