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Follow-Up: International Alumni

Our international alumni are playing active roles all over the world. Let's take a look at how their Monobe campus life affects their work, research and lifestyle afterwards.


A Bridge between Vietnam and Japan

Tran Khanh Van | Vietnam|

Alumna of the Faculty of Agriculture, Kochi University, Japan (2001-2006)

Kochi Univ. Sep 2003


I am Tran Khanh Van, from Vietnam.
I turned a new page in my life as a master's student in the Faculty of Agriculture at Kochi University in 2001, as part of Japan's Monbukagakusho Scholarship Program.
I was especially interested in studying soil properties, the interaction between plants and their environment. Under the guidance of my professors (Profs. Sakurai and Kang), I was able to expand my capabilities in the study of my preferred subjects, and ultimately completed the doctoral program. Five years studying and living in Kochi was a really valuable and unforgettable time for me. My professors, as well as Japanese and other foreign friends helped me get familiar with the life there; and that's why I could finish my research in time and also enjoyed the life there very much. Kochi University, especially the Faculty of Agriculture, provided us (foreign students) with very fine facilities for study, as well as a host of friendly events; and I could access a huge scientific knowledge base from all over the world, through the university library.
Looking back on that time, the university's 'open campus' remains a particularly fond memory. On those occasions, local residents visited the university to gain information on the fields of study and the work we were pursuing. They also came for advice on measures for increasing the productivity and quality of their crops, as well as breeding techniques. They found these events very useful. On these days, foreign students also had the chance to introduce their country's traditional food to the Japanese and other international students.
At the university, international students could take Japanese courses that enabled them to communicate with the Japanese, and these courses were very helpful to me in becoming familiarized with life in Japan. Moreover, our Japanese tutors occasionally took us to visit historical monuments in Kochi and Nankoku, or to festivals such as the sakura flower festival; and through these activities we were able to gain a deeper appreciation of Japan, which we loved so much.
I very much appreciated Professor Kang's thoughtful assitance from the very beginning, as well as her great support, which enabled me to work at the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology after I finished the doctoral program.
After my return to Vietnam, I have continued my studies, at the Department of Plant Physiology in the Faculty of Biology at the Hanoi National University of Education, and my work at Kochi University has been of enormous help in my present studies. Although the facilities at Hanoi University of Education are still rather limited, I hope to be a bridge between the Faculty of Agriculture at Kochi University and the Faculty of Biology at the Hanoi National University of Education, for research exchanges as well as education.
I sincerely hope I have the chance to visit Kochi University again in the near future, through an international cooperation program.

Hanoi, 30 Nov 2013
Tran Khanh Van

Hanoi, 30 Nov 2013