Faculty of Agriculture and Marine Science, Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Kochi University

Graduate School of
Integrated Arts and Sciences

Graduate Shool of Agriculture(Master's Course)

APP Course

Curriculum Policy

"Introductory Subjects/Elective Subjects" provide basic knowledge on environmentally friendly and sustainable agriculture, forestry and fisheries for food production and basic techniques for presentation. Besides, the subjects include language education for basic conversational expressions and sentence structures essential for daily life in Japan*.

*All students are required to take a Survival Japanese class after entering the program and students may take other optional Japanese language and culture classes.

"Research Subjects" promotes the abilities to plan and execute research, and to debate and make presentations.

"Practical Subjects" offer students a chance to gain experience in practical field-work for gaining work experience in Japanese companies, understanding the regional characteristics of the Shikoku area as an academic research field, and understanding the culture of Japan and Japanese communities in the Shikoku area.

"Specialized Subjects" provide a broad and high level of advanced knowledge on environmentally friendly food production through a curriculum that is developed by each student corresponding to own needs.

The "Master's Thesis" leads to the ability to understand advanced knowledge and to acquire experimental techniques as well as to develop logical and system thinking.

Evaluation is comprehensively performed based on “Knowledge and Understanding “, “Theoretical Thinking, Judgment and Implementation”, “Interest, Motivation and Attitude” and “Skills, Expression and Explanation” acquired in the process of describing the Master’s thesis.