Faculty of Agriculture and Marine Science, Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Kochi University

Graduate School of
Integrated Arts and Sciences

Master's Courses

Agriculture and Marine Science

In order to make contributions to the sound development of communities and international societies, the fields of agriculture, forestry, and fishery have the following missions: securing safe food, highly effective use of biological recourses, as well as preservation and recovery of regional and global environments. Through education systems that can flexibly meet the needs of diverse societies and research areas, we teach students according to individual's quality and course based on individual curriculum. We aim to foster experts who possess both expertise and high techniques.

  • Department of Agriculture and Marine Science
  • AAP Course English Based Curriculum

Curriculum System of Masters Courses

In order to more effectively conduct educational research of integrated arts and sciences new curriculum systems called Major Curriculum/Semi-major Curriculum (compulsory) and Minor Programs (selective) have been introduced.
By making good use of these systems, students can easily take subjects in close fields or different fields that were difficult to take before.
Also, as a curriculum of integrated arts and sciences, we exclusively offer a lot of original and interdisciplinary subjects and conduct advanced and highly original educational research.