Faculty of Agriculture and Marine Science, Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Kochi University

Welfare Facilities and Dormitories

Students Welfare Facilities

The Students Welfare Facilities was constructed in December, 1980 to promote of welfare of both students and staffs (a two- story ferroconcrete building, the total floor space is 1,039 m2). In November, 1996, the Hall was remodeled into the cafeteria on the first floor and the multiple- purpose room, the store, and others on the second floor. In May, 1998, with the purpose of making the campus a more information- oriented place, network connectors were installred on the second floor. These facilities help students to allow access to the Internet and to send E- mails. This hall is also used as a place to provide students regular medical care and counseling. Facilities may also be used to hold parties, and other social entertainment for students. This hall is surround with tropical scenery and green wood. The outline of this building is as follows;

Classification Facilities
Extracurricular Activities (151m²) Multiple- purpose Room
Welfare Facilities (450m²) Office, Cafeteria, Store
Health Center (109m²) Health Section, Resting Room, Counseling Room, Staff room

Students Welfare FacilitiesStudents Welfare Facilities

Rest AreaRest Area