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Through collaboration with the Center for Intractable Immune Disease at Kochi Medical School Hospital, we aim to understand how immune system contributes to the pathogenesis of human disorders and identify new targets for therapies and diagnostics of intractable diseases.

Research areas

We are engaged in the “bidirectional translational research” to solve clinical problems in intractable diseases including cancers and immune disorders. Following research projects are currently in progress.

  1. Development and clinical application of a new inflammatory biomarker, LRG
  2. Search for new therapeutic targets of autoimmune disorders through the consortium-based collaboration with other academia and industries.
  3. Clinical application of SOCS, a family of cytokine signaling inhibitors, as a novel gene therapy for cancers.
  4. Identification of new cancer antigens and development of antibody-based therapy for cancers.

Detailed information is available at:
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Department Name
Professor Tetsuji Naka
Associate Professor Minoru Fujimoto
Associate Professor Satoshi Serada
Assistant Lecturer Tomoharu Ohkawara
Specially Appointed Assistant Lecturer Masashi Funauchi

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