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  論文発表  原著・総説(英文査読あり)

1) Anomalous Expression of Thy1 (CD90) in B-Cell Lymphoma Cells and Proliferation Inhibition by Anti-Thy1 Antibody

 Ishiura Y, Kotani N, Yamashita R, Yamamoto H, Kozutsumi Y, Honke K.
 Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun.2010; 396: 329-334 (IF: 2.548)


2) Calcineurin mediates the angiotensin II-induced aldosterone synthesis in the adrenal glands by upregulation of
 transcription of the CYP11B2 gene.

 Yamashiro T, Kuge H, Honke K.
 J. Biochem. 2010; 148: 115-123 (IF: 1.945)


3) HA1077, a Rho kinase inhibitor, suppresses glioma-induced angiogenesis by targeting the Rho-ROCK and the
 mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase/extracellular signal-regulated kinase (MEK/ERK) signal pathways.

 Nakabayashi H, Shimizu K.
 Cancer Sci. 2010 Nov 10. doi


4) A cystic meningioma misdiagnosed as malignant glioma by radiologic and intraoperative histological examinations.
 Yamada SM, Fujimoto Y, Kawanishi Y, Shimizu K.
 Brain Tumor Pathol. 2010; 27: 111-115 (IF: 1.100)


5) Effects of edible algae polysaccharides on allergic, inflammatory, and anti-tumorresponses through toll-like receptor
 Tominaga A, Okuyama H, Fukuoka S, Taguchi T, Kusumoto Y, Shimizu K, Ono S.
 Anti-Inflammatory & Abti-Allergy Agents in Medical Chemistry 2010; 9: 238-250


6) Anti-invasive and antiangiogenic effects of MMI-166 on malignant glioma cells.
 Nakabayashi H, Yawata T, Shimizu K.
 BMC Cancer. 2010; 10: 339 (IF: 2.736)


7) Enhanced expression of cancer testis antigen genes in glioma stem cells.
 Yawata T, Nakai E, Park KC, Chihara T, Kumazawa A, Toyonaga S, Masahira T, Nakabayashi H, Kaji T, Shimizu K.
 Mol Carcinog. 2010; 49: 532-544 (IF: 3.202)


8) Preoperative surgical approach planning for metastatic pituitary stalk tumor using multimodal fusion imaging in a
 neuronavigation system--case report.

 Yamada SM, Masahira N, Ikawa N, Nakai E, Park KC, Shimizu K.
 Neurol Med Chir (Tokyo). 2010; 50: 259-263 (IF: 0.733)


9) Isolation and characterization of a novel Staphylococcus aureus bacteriophage, phiMR25, and its therapeutic

 Hoshiba H, Uchiyama J, Kato S, Ujihara T, Muraoka A, Daibata M, Wakiguchi H, Matsuzaki S.
 Arch Virol. 2010; 155: 545-552 (IF: 1.909)


10) Positron emission tomography/computed tomography: a clinical tool for evaluation of enthesitis in patients with

 Taniguchi Y, Arii K, Kumon Y, Fukumoto M, Ohnishi T, Horino T, Kagawa T, Kobayashi S, Ogawa Y, Terada Y
 Rheumotology (Oxford) 2010; 49: 348-354


11) Super paramagnetic iron oxide MRI shows defective Kupffer cell uptake function in non-alcoholic fatty liver

 Asanuma T, Ono M, Kubota K, Hirose A, Hayashi Y, Saibara T, Inanami O, Ogawa Y, Enzan H, Onishi S, Kuwabara M,
 Oben JA
 Gut 2010; 59: 258-266


12) A totally implanted intra-arterial chemotherapy system for advanced maxillary sinus carcinoma.
 Nakatani H, Hirose K, Matsumoto N, Yamagawa K, Kakigi A, Takeda T, Ito S, Yamanishi T, Nishioka A, Ogawa Y,
 Nakahira M.
 ORL J Otorhinolaryngeal Relat Spec 2010; 71 (Suppl 1): 116-122


13) Role of diffusion-weighted imaging in evaluating therapeutic efficacy after transcatheter arterial chemoembolization
 for hepatocellular carcinoma.

 Kubota K, Yamanishi T, Itoh S, Murata Y, Miyatake K, Yasunami H, Morio K, Hamada N, Nishioka A, Ogawa Y.
 Oncol Rep 2010; 24: 727-732


14) Non-surgical therapy and radiologic assessment of stage I breast cancer treatment with novel enzyme-
 targeting radiosensitization: Kochi Oxydol-Radiation Therapy for Unresectable Carcinomas, type II (KORTUC II).
 Hitomi J, Kubota K, Ogawa Y, Hamada N, Murata Y, Nishioka A
 Exp Ther Med 2010; 1: 769-775


15) Non-surgical care for locally advanced breast cancer: Radiologically assessed therapeutic outcome of a new enzyme
 -targeting radiosensitization treatment, Kochi Oxydol-Radiation Therapy for Unresectable Carcinomas, Type II
 (KORTUC II) with systemic chemotherapy.

 Miyatake K, Kubota K, Ogawa Y, Hamada N, Murata Y, Nishioka A.
 Oncol Rep 2010; 24: 1161-1168


16) Development of a new enzyme-targeting radiosensitizer (KORTUC) containing hydrogen peroxide for intratumoral
 injection for patients with low linear energy transfer (LET)-radioresistant neoplasms.
 Tokuhiro S, Ogawa Y, Tsuzuki K, Akima R, Ue H, Kariya S, Nishioka A.
 Oncol Letters 2010; 1: 1025-1028






1) 小川恭弘




  第4475469号 「HLA結合性ペプチド、それをコードするDNA断片および組み換えベクター」
  発明者:宮川知也、宇高恵子  平成22年3月19日



1) 特願2010-157181, 細胞膜上分子と相互作用する化合物の検出方法

2) PCT/JP2010/055696, Tumor-specific promoter and use thereof
  Shimizu K、 Yawata T、 2010/03/30



 讀賣新聞夕刊  2010年11月25日(木曜)
 科学:抗菌 別の作戦は?

  論文発表  原著・総説(英文査読あり)

1) Preoperative oral supplementation with carbohydrate and branched-chain amino acid-enriched nutrient improves
 insulin resistance in patients undergoing a hepatectomy: a randomized clinical trial using an artificial pancreas.

 Okabayashi T, Nishimori I, Yamashita K, Sugimoto T, Namikawa T, Maeda H, Yatabe T, Hanazaki K.
 Amino Acids. 2010; 38: 901-907 (IF: 3.877)


2) Hyperglycemia during hepatic resection: continuous monitoring of blood glucose concentration.
 Maeda H, Okabayashi T, Nishimori I, Yamashita K, Sugimoto T, Hanazaki K.
 Am J Surg. 2010; 199: 8-13 (IF: 2.363)


3) Tight perioperative glycemic control using an artificial endocrine pancreas.
 Hanazaki K, Maeda H, Okabayashi T.
 Surg Today. 2010; 40: 1-7 (IF: 1.050)


4) Oral supplementation with carbohydrate- and branched-chain amino acid-enriched nutrients improves postoperative
 quality of life in patients undergoing hepatic resection.

 Okabayashi T, Iyoki M, Sugimoto T, Kobayashi M, Hanazaki K.
 Amino Acids. 2010 Sep 18. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 20852905 (IF: 3.877)


5) Regulation of glucocorticoid receptor transcription and nuclear translocation during single and repeated
 immobilization stress.

 Noguchi T, Makino S, Matsumoto R, Nakayama S, Nishiyama M, Terada Y, Hashimoto K.
 Endocrinology. 2010; 151: 4344-4355 (IF: 4.752)


6) Serum fetuin-A is an independent marker of insulin resistance in Japanese men.
 Ishibashi A, Ikeda Y, Ohguro T, Kumon Y, Yamanaka S, Takata H, Inoue M, Suehiro T, Terada Y.
 J Atheroscler Thromb. 2010; 17: 925-933 (IF: 3.048)


7) Glucocorticoid receptor-beta and receptor-gamma exert dominant negative effect on gene repression but not on gene

 Taniguchi Y, Iwasaki Y, Tsugita M, Nishiyama M, Taguchi T, Okazaki M, Nakayama S, Kambayashi M, Hashimoto K,
 Terada Y.
 Endocrinology. 2010; 151: 3204-3213 (IF: 4.752)


8) Coincidental double erythema caused by Vibrio vulnificus.
 Taguchi T, Mizobuchi M, Terada Y.
 J Infect. 2010; 61: 95-96 (IF: 3.060)


9) Rapid recurrence of craniopharyngioma following recombinant human growth hormone replacement.
 Taguchi T, Takao T, Iwasaki Y, Pooh K, Okazaki M, Hashimoto K, Terada Y.
 J Neurooncol. 2010; 100: 321-322 (IF: 2.752)


10) Hypoglycemic encephalopathy as a result of an attempted suicide.
 Taguchi T, Mizobuchi M, Terada Y.
 Clin Neurol Neurosurg. 2010; 112: 455-456 (IF: 1.303)


11) PPARbeta/delta regulates the human SIRT1 gene transcription via Sp1.
 Okazaki M, Iwasaki Y, Nishiyama M, Taguchi T, Tsugita M, Nakayama S, Kambayashi M, Hashimoto K, Terada Y.
 Endocr J. 2010; 57:403-413 (IF: 1.806)


12) Hormonal regulation of acetyl-CoA carboxylase isoenzyme gene transcription.
 Zhao LF, Iwasaki Y, Zhe W, Nishiyama M, Taguchi T, Tsugita M, Kambayashi M, Hashimoto K, Terada Y.
 Endocr J. 2010; 57:317-324 (IF: 1.806)


13) The activity of carotidynia syndrome is correlated with the soluble intracellular adhesion molecule-1 (sICAM-1)
 Taniguchi Y, Horino T, Terada Y, Jinnouchi Y.
 South Med J. 2010; 103: 277-278 (IF: 0.924)


14) IgA nephropathy in a patient with systemic lupus erythematosus.
 Horino T, Takao T, Terada Y.
 Lupus. 2010; 19: 650-654 (IF: 2.586)


15) Clinical implication of 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose PET/CT in monitoring disease activity in spondyloarthritis.
 Taniguchi Y, Kumon Y, Arii K, Tsugita M, Fukumoto M, Ohnishi T, Kobayashi S, Terada Y.
 Rheumatology (Oxford). 2010; 49: 829. (IF: 4.236)


16) Acute pulmonary arterial hypertension associated with anti-synthetase syndrome.
 Taniguchi Y, Horino T, Kato T, Terada Y.
 Scand J Rheumatol. 2010; 39: 179-180 (IF: 2.507)


17) Role of protein kinase C in pitavastatin-induced human paraoxonase I expression in Huh7 cells.
 Arii K, Suehiro T, Ikeda Y, Kumon Y, Inoue M, Inada S, Takata H, Ishibashi A, Hashimoto K, Terada Y.
 Metabolism. 2010; 59:1287-1293. (IF: 2.588)


18) A case of post-streptococcal reactive arthritis in which lesions were detected with [18F]-fluorodeoxyglucose
 positron emission tomography-CT imaging and magnetic resonance imaging.

 Horino T, Takao T, Terada Y.
 Mod Rheumatol. 2010; 20: 287-290.


19) Cisplatin-induced macroautophagy occurs prior to apoptosis in proximal tubules in vivo.
 Inoue K, Kuwana H, Shimamura Y, Ogata K, Taniguchi Y, Kagawa T, Horino T, Takao T, Morita T, Sasaki S,
 Mizushima N, Terada Y.
 Clin Exp Nephrol. 2010; 14: 112-122.


20) Positron emission tomography/computed tomography: a clinical tool for evaluation of enthesitis in patients with

 Taniguchi Y, Arii K, Kumon Y, Fukumoto M, Ohnishi T, Horino T, Kagawa T, Kobayashi S, Ogawa Y, Terada Y.
 Rheumatology (Oxford). 2010; 49: 348-354. (IF: 4.236)


21) HLA-B51-related seronegative spondyloarthropathy associated with membranous nephropathy.
 Horino T, Nakayama S, Takao T, Terada Y.
 Rheumatology (Oxford). 2010; 49:394-396. (IF: 4.236)


22) Diagnostic value of 18F-dihydroxyphenylalanine positron emission tomography for growth hormone-producing
 pituitary adenoma.

 Taguchi T, Takao T, Iwasaki Y, Oyama K, Yamada S, Inoue M, Terada Y.
 Pituitary. 2010 ;13: 78-79. (IF: 2.021)


1) 香川亨、寺田典生
 急性腎不全・AKIハンドブック、p9-14 菱田明. 中外医学社2010

2) 井上紘輔、緒方巧二、島村芳子、寺田典生
 腎と透析vol69増刊号 「AKIとCKDのすべて」:p201-203,東京医学社2010.

3) 寺田典生、島村芳子、緒方巧二、井上紘輔
 AKI治療におけるStem cellの可能性
 腎と透析 68巻3号P381-384, 2010.

4) 寺田典生
 U.病態と鑑別診断, 特集 急性腎不全:診断と治療の進歩
 日本内科学会雑誌 99巻5号p924-929, 2010.

5) 井上紘輔、寺田典生
 総合臨床59巻6号p1350-1353, 2010.

6) 寺田典生、上田訓子、島村芳子、緒方巧二、井上紘輔
 日本腎臓学会雑誌 52巻5号p558-561, 2010.

7) 香川亨、寺田典生
 Modern Physician, P9-14, 2010.

8) 寺田典生
 OPINION 腎臓病研究での再生医学の夢
 臨床透析 26巻10号p1285, 2010.

  論文発表  原著・総説(英文査読あり)

1) A classification algorithm of abdominal ultrasound images in medical practice for secondary uses.
 Hatakeyama Y, Kataoka H, Nakajima N, Watabe T, Okuhara Y.
 J Adv Comput Intel Intel Inform. 2010; 14: 128-124


2) Super paramagnetic iron oxide MRI shows defective Kupffer cell uptake function in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.
 Asanuma T, Ono M, Kubota K, Hirose A, Hayashi Y, Saibara T, Inanami O, Ogawa Y, Enzan H, Onishi S, Kuwabara M,
 Oben JA.
 Gut. 2010; 59: 258-266 (IF: 9.357)


3) Matrix metalloproteinase-1 expression in splenic angiosarcoma metastasizing to the serous membrane.
 Takeuchi T, Iwasaki S, Miyazaki J, Nozaki Y, Takahashi M, Ono M, Saibara T, Furihata M.
 Int J Clin Exp Pathol. 2010; 3: 634-639


4) Effects of Eriobotrya japonica seed extract on oxidative stress in rats with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis.
 Yoshioka S, Hamada A, Jobu K, Yokota J, Onogawa M, Kyotani S, Miyamura M, Saibara T, Onishi S, Nishioka Y.
 J Pharm Pharmacol. 2010; 62: 241-246 (IF: 1.742)


5) Deletion of tumor necrosis factor-alpha receptor type 1 exacerbates insulin resistance and hepatic steatosis in
 aromatase knockout mice.

 Toda K, Hayashi Y, Saibara T.
 Biochim Biophys Acta. 2010; 1801: 655-64. (IF: 2.958)


6) Efficacy of bezafibrate for chronic GVHD of the liver after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.
 Hidaka M, Iwasaki S, Matsui T, Kawakita T, Inoue Y, Sakai T, Harada N, Takemoto S, Nagakura S, Kiyokawa T,
 Takahashi M, Saibara T, Onishi S, Kawano F.
 Bone Marrow Transplant. 2010; 45: 912-918 (IF: 2.998)


1) 西原利治、小野正文
 病気と薬パーフェクトBOOK (横田千津子、池田宇一、大越教夫 編) NASH, 464-465頁, 南山堂, 東京, 2010

2) 小笠原光成、廣瀬 享、野崎 靖子、高橋昌也、岡本宣人、秋澤直明、小野正文、西原利治

3) 角田圭雄、米田正人、兵庫秀幸、山口寛二、小野正文、藤井英樹、江口有一カ、鈴木康秋、金政和之、藤田浩司、茶山一影、
 酸化ストレスと肝疾患(沖田極編)NASH鑑別のためのscoring system (NAFIC score)の多施設共同(Japan Study Group of
 NAFLD: JSG-NAFLD)によるvalidation study 、95-100頁、メディカルトリビューン、東京、2010

4) 秋澤直明、岡本宣人、西原利治
 肝疾患review (小俣政男監修)NASHに対する薬物治療の現況と展望、82-87頁、日本メディカルセンター、東京、2010

5) 西原利治
 NASH・NAFLDの診療ガイド (日本肝臓学会編) NAFLDの疫学, 8-13頁, 文光堂, 東京, 2010

6) 岩崎信二、野崎靖子、西原利治
 広範囲血液・尿化学検査 抗平滑筋抗体(ASMA), 596-598頁, 日本臨床社, 東京, 2010


 1) 脂肪肝が肝がんに進行 産経新聞 2010.1.13
 2) 肝癌は予防できるか 読売新聞2010年8月22日
 3) 病院の実力 高知編 「肝臓がん」 読売新聞2010年11月7日

  論文発表  原著・総説(英文査読あり)

1) Association between brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity and 3-year mortality in community-dwelling older adults.
 Miyano I, Nishinaga M, Takata J, Shimizu Y, Okumiya K, Matsubayashi K, Ozawa T, Sugiura T, Yasuda N, Doi Y.
 Hypertens Res. 2010; 33: 678-682 (IF: 2.426)


2) Prevalence of Parkinson's disease and atypical parkinsonian syndromes in a rural Japanese district.
 Osaki Y, Morita Y, Kuwahara T, Miyano I, Doi Y.
 Acta Neurol Scand. 2010 Sep 29. doi: 10.1111/j.1600-0404.2010.01442.x. [Epub ahead of print]PMID: 20880268
 (IF: 2.324)


3) Performance of integrated FDG-PET/contrast-enhanced CT in the diagnosis of recurrent pancreatic cancer:
 comparison with integrated FDG-PET/non-contrast-enhanced CT and enhanced CT.

 Kitajima K, Murakami K, Yamasaki E, Kaji Y, Shimoda M, Kubota K, Suganuma N, Sugimura K.
 Mol Imaging Biol. 2010; 12: 452-459 (IF: 2.467)


4) Prostate cancer detection with 3 T MRI: comparison of diffusion-weighted imaging and dynamic contrast-enhanced
 MRI in combination with T2-weighted imaging.

 Kitajima K, Kaji Y, Fukabori Y, Yoshida K, Suganuma N, Sugimura K.
 J Magn Reson Imaging. 2010; 31: 625-631 (IF: 2.770)


5) Anti-inflammatory effects of limonene from yuzu (Citrus junos Tanaka) essential oil on eosinophils.
 Hirota R, Roger NN, Nakamura H, Song HS, Sawamura M, Suganuma N.
 J Food Sci. 2010; 75: H87-92 (IF: 1.601)


6) Effect of a two-hour training on physicians' skill in interpreting Pneumoconiotic chest radiographs.
 Ngatu NR, Suzuki S, Kusaka Y, Shida H, Akira M, Suganuma N.
 J Occup Health. 2010; 52: 294-301 (IF: 1.252)


 KANEKO, Tatsuo; KANEKO, Maiko; NAKAMURA, Hiroyuki; KANEKO, Shinichiro; SUGANUMA, Narufumi; HIROTA, Ryoji;


1) 石原正行、安藤千恵、赤塔有里香、高杉尚志、藤枝幹也、脇口宏
 ネパール民主共和国 AMDA子ども病院訪問@.中国四国小児保健学会、2010年10月、広島

2) 菅沼成文

3) 菅沼成文、星野絵里

4) 栄徳勝光、菅沼成文


第 7 回日本核医学会研究奨励賞受賞
FDG-造影 PET/CT による大腸癌術後の再発・転移診断能:FDG-非造影 PET/CTおよび造影 CT との比較
Performance of integrated FDG PET/contrast-enhanced CT in the diagnosis of recurrent colorectal cancer:Comparison with integrated FDG PET/non-contrast-enhanced CT and enhanced CT (European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging 2009; 36(9):1388-1396 Germany)



  1) KSSさんさん高知「SUNSUNスーパーニュース」(平成22年9月6日放送)
  2) KUTVテレビ高知「イブニングKOCHI」(平成22年9月6日放送)
  3) RKC高知放送「こうちeye」(平成22年9月6日放送)
  4) NHK総合「こうち情報いちばん」(平成22年9月6日放送)
  5) NHK総合「ニュース845こうち」(平成22年9月6日放送)
  6) 高知新聞(平成22年9月7日掲載)
  7) 読売新聞(平成22年9月7日掲載)
  8) 毎日新聞(平成22年9月7日掲載)
  9) 高知新聞(平成22年9月23日掲載)
  10) 読売新聞(平成22年9月24日掲載)
  11) 朝日新聞(平成22年10月19日掲載)
  12) 毎日新聞(平成22年10月20日掲載)
  13) 高知新聞(平成22年11月16日掲載)

  2010年2月12日〜27日 ネパールAMDA病院訪問(主に見学)
  2011年1月27日〜2月10日 ネパールAMDA病院訪問(新生児・乳児蘇生法講習など実施)

  論文発表  原著・総説(英文査読あり)

1) New device for intraoperative graft assessment: HyperEye charge-coupled device camera system.
 Handa T, Katare RG, Nishimori H, Wariishi S, Fukutomi T, Yamamoto M, Sasaguri S, Sato T.
 Gen Thorac Cardiovasc Surg. 2010; 58: 68-77


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 PLoS One. 2010; 5: e9275 (IF: 4.351)


3) Donepezil, an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor against Alzheimer's dementia, promotes angiogenesis in an ischemic
 hindlimb model.

 Kakinuma Y, Furihata M, Akiyama T, Arikawa M, Handa T, Katare RG, Sato T.
 J Mol Cell Cardiol. 2010; 48: 680-693 (IF: 4.965)


4) Differential regulation of TNF receptors by vagal nerve stimulation protects heart against acute ischemic injury.
 Katare RG, Ando M, Kakinuma Y, Arikawa M, Yamasaki F, Sato T.
 J Mol Cell Cardiol. 2010; 49: 234-244 (IF: 4.965)


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  第4544917号 「生体圧迫装置及び血圧測定装置」
  発明者:小椋敏彦、佐藤隆幸、山崎文靖  取得日:2010.7.9



1) 特願2010-123928「LED照射装置」
  発明者:佐藤 敬、小宮敬哲、佐藤隆幸  出願日:2010.5.31.

2) 特願2010-169802「ホワイトバランス調製方法および撮像装置」
  発明者:小嶋数明、谷本孝司、佐藤隆幸  出願日:2010.7.28.

3) 特願2010-268934「近赤外蛍光を発する医療具及び医療具位置確認システム」
  発明者:佐藤隆幸、野口勝己 出願日:2010.12.2.




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  1)「世界初の画期的な手術ナビゲーションシステムの開発」佐藤隆幸, 杉本健樹. FMラジオ放送企画
   「Change The 高知大学」 2010.6.26.


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