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  論文発表  原著・総説(英文査読あり)

1) Loss of branched O-mannosyl glycans in astrocytes accelerates remyelination.
  Kanekiyo K, Inamori K, Kitazume S, Sato K, Maeda J, Higuchi M, Kizuka Y, Korekane H, Matsuo I, Honke K, Taniguchi
  J. Neurosci. 2013; 33:10037-10047 (IF: 6.908)       

2) Biosynthesis and biological function of sulfoglycolipids.
  Honke K.
  Proc. Jpn. Acad. Ser. B Phys. Biol. Sci. 2013; 89:129-138 (review) (IF: 2.769)

3) Low affinity IgM antibodies lacking somatic hypermutations are produced in the secondary response of C57BL/6 mice
  to (4-hydroxy-3-nitrophenyl)acetyl hapten.

  Murakami A, Moriyama H, Osako-Kabasawa M, Endo K, Nishimura M, Udaka K, Muramatsu M, Honjo T, Azuma T, and
  Shimizu T.
  Int Immunol. 2013, 26(4):195-208.(IF:2.536)

4) Evaluating efficacy of bacteriophage therapy against Staphylococcus aureus infections using a silkworm larval infection

  Takemura-Uchiyama I, Uchiyama J, Kato S, Inoue T, Ujihara T, Ohara N, Daibata M, Matsuzaki S.
  FEMS Microbiol Lett. 2013 Oct;347(1):52-60. doi: 10.1111/1574-6968.12220. Epub 2013 Aug 6. IF(2014) 2.121      

5) Characterization of Helicobacter pylori bacteriophage KHP30.
  Uchiyama J, Takeuchi H, Kato S, Gamoh K, Takemura-Uchiyama I, Ujihara T, Daibata M, Matsuzaki S.
  Appl Environ Microbiol. 2013 May;79(10):3176-84. doi: 10.1128/AEM.03530-12. Epub 2013 Mar 8. IF(2014) 3.668      

6) Synergistic bacteriolysis by bacteriophage EF24C endolysin ORF9 and lantibiotic nisin and its application to pulsed-field
  gel electrophoreic analysis of Enterococcus faecalis.
  akemura-Uchiyama I, Uchiyama J, Satoh M, Uhihara T, Daibata M, Matsuzaki S.
  Annals of Microbiology. 63(3):1209-1211. 2013. IF (2014) 0.990       

7) Radiographic Progression of Silicosis among Japanese Tunnel Workers in Kochi.
  Dumavibhat N, Matsui T, Hoshino E, Rattanasiri S, Muntham D, Hirota R, Eitoku M, Imanaka M, Muzembo BA, Ngatu
  NR, Kondo S, Hamada N, Suganuma N.
  J Occup Health.55(3):142-8, 2013 (IF: 1.109)       

8) Feasibility trial for daily oral administration of the hypoxic sensitizer AK-2123 (Sanazole) in radiotherapy.
  Yamazaki H,Nakamura S,Kobayashi K,Tsubokura T,Kodani N,Aibe N,Yoshida K,Kagiya T,Koizumi M,
  Yamada K.
  Anticancer Res. 33:643-6,2013 (IF: 1.826)       

9) Evaluation of dosimetry and excess seeds in permanent brachytherapy using a modified hybrid method: a single-
  institution experience.

  Kobayashi K, Okihara K, Iwata T, Aibe N, Kodani N, Tsubokura T, Kamoi K, Miki T, Yamazaki H.
  J Radiat Res. 54(3):479-84, 2013 (IF: 1.797)       

10) Prediction of therapeutic effectiveness according to CT findings after therapeutic lymphangiography for lymphatic

  Yoshimatsu R, Yamagami T, Miura H, Matsumoto T.
  Jpn J Radiol.31: 797-802, 2013 (IF: 0.837)  

11) Therapeutic response to anew enzyme-targeting radiosensitization treatment (KORTUC-SC) forpatients with
  chemotherapy-resistant supraclavicular lymph nodemetastasis.
  Aoyama N, Ogawa Y, Kubota K, Ohgi K, Kataoka Y, Miyatake K,Tadokoro M, Yamanishi T, Ohnishi T, Hamada N,
  Kariya S, Tamura T, Nogami M, Nishioka A, Onogawa M, Miyahara M.
  J Cancer Res Ther. 1:215-9, 2013 (IF: 0.791)





1) 8487076(US)
  HLA−binding peptide, and DNA fragment and recombinant vector coding for said HLA-binding peptide.
  Tomoya Miyakawa, Keiko Udaka




1) Udaka K:
  Development of WT1 Peptide and B. pertussis whole cell vaccine.
  Symposium National Vaccine Research Forum (NVRF) 2013.7.2-3, Jakarta(Indonesia)

2) Nogami M, KataokaY, Ohnishi T, Kohsaki S, Miyatake K, Akagi N and OgawaY:
  Diagnostic performance of 18F-FDG PET after diuretic for the upper urinary tract carcinomas: non-contrast PET/MRI
  fusion versus contrast-enhanced PET/CT.
  Society of Nuclear Medicine 2013. Vancouver BC, Canada. 2013/6/8-12

3) Nogami M, Kataoka Y, Kohsaki S, Miyatake K, Akagi N and Ogawa Y:
  Diagnostic impact of 18F-FDG PET/CT after diuretic for the upper urinary tract carcinomas:Comparison with standard
  PET/CT and PET/contrast-enhanced CT.
  European Association of Nuclear Medicine 2013. Lyon, France. 2013/10/19-23

4) Kobayashi K , Okihara K, Iwata T,, Kamoi K, Miki T, Yamazaki H:
  Permanent Prostate Brachytherapy In Patients With Small Prostate Gland Volume <20cm3.
  American Brachytherapy Society Annual meeting. New Orleans, USA. 2013/4/20



1) 本家孝一、山口亜利沙、小谷典弘:

2) 松崎茂展、内山淳平、内山(竹村)伊代、大畑雅典:
  第4回愛媛微生物ネットワークフォーラム、愛媛、2013.11.2. (愛媛大学総合研究棟)     

3) 西岡明人:

4) 吉松梨香:

  論文発表  原著・総説(英文査読あり)

1) Evaluation of a novel artificial pancreas: closed loop glycemic control system with continuous blood glucose

  Tsukamoto Y, Kinoshita Y, Kitagawa H, Munekage M, Munekage E, Takezaki Y, Yatabe T, Yamashita K, Yamazaki R,
  Okabayashi T, Tarumi M, Kobayashi M, Mishina S, Hanazaki K.
  Artificial Organs. 2013 37(4)Apr:E67-73. (IF 1.870)

2) Perioperative glycemic control using an artificial endocrine pancreas in patients undergoing total pancreatectomy:
  tight glycemic control may be justified in order to avoid brittle diabetes.

  Hanazaki K, Yatabe T, Kobayashi M, Tsukamoto Y, Kinoshita Y, Munekage M, Kitagawa H.
  Biomed Mater Eng. 2013 23(1):109-116. (IF 0.847)

3) Hassanain M et al.: Randomized clinical trial of the impact of insulin therapy on liver function in patients undergoing
  major liver resection (Br J Surg 100(5):610-618, 2013).

  Hanazaki K, Munekage M, Kitagawa H, Namikawa T.
  Br J Surg. 2013 Website:Your Views. 2013 May 2. (IF -)

4) Ischemic preconditioning may reduce hyperglycemia associated with intermittent pringle maneuver in hepatic

  Hanazaki K, Munekage M, Ichikawa K, Okabayashi T.
  J Hepatobiliary Pancreat Sci. 2013 20(2):257. (IF 2.313)

5) Oral supplementation of branched-chain amino acids reduces early recurrence after hepatic resection in patients with
  hepatocellular carcinoma: a prospective study.

  Ichikawa K, Okabayashi T, Maeda H, Namikawa T, Iiyama T, Sugimoto T, Kobayashi M, Mimura T, Hanazaki K.
  Surg Today. 2013 43(7):720-726. (IF 1.208)

6) Report from the committee for improving the work environment of Japanese surgeons: survey on effects of the fee
  revision for medical services provided by surgeons.

  Hanazaki K, Tominaga R, Nio M, Iwanaka T, Okoshi K, Kaneko K, Nagano H, Nishida T, Nishida H, Hoshino K, Maehara
  T, Masuda M, Matsufuji H, Yanaga K, Tabayashi K, Satomi S, Kokudo N.
  Surg Today. 2013 43(11):1209-1218. (IF 1.208)

7) Effect of Daikenchuto (TJ-100) on abdominal bloating in hepatectomized patients.
  Hanazaki K, Ichikawa K, Munekage M, Kitagawa H, Dabanaka K, Namikawa T.
  World J Gastrointest Surg. 2013 5(4):115-122. (IF -)

8) Development of perioperative glycemic control using an artificial endocrine pancreas.
  Hanazaki K, Namikawa T.
  IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc. 2013:5719-5722. (IF -)

9) Sestrin-2 and BNIP3 regulate autophagy and mitophagy in renal tubular cells in acute kidney injury.
  Ishihara M, Urushido M, Hamada K, Matsumoto T, Shimamura Y, Ogata K, Inoue K, Taniguchi Y, Horino T, Fujieda M,
  Terada Y.
  Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 305(4):F495-509, 2013. (IF:3.248)

10) Effects of Gold Thioglucose Treatment on Central Corticotrophin-Releasing Hormone Systems in Mice.
  Noguchi T,Makino S,Shinohara M,Nishiyama M, Hashimoto K,Terada Y.
  Journal of Neuroendocrinolory. 25(4):340-349,2013 (IF:3.138)

11) Imaging assessment of enthesitis in spondyloarthritis.
  Taniguchi Y, Kumon Y, Takata T, Sano S, Ohnishi T, Nogami M, Ogawa Y, Terada Y.
  Annals of Nuclear Medicine. 27 (2):105-111,2013.(IF:1.677)

12) Clinical implication of FDG-PET/CT in monitoring disease activity in lgG4-related disease.
  Taniguchi Y, Ogata K, Inoue K, Terada Y.
  Rheumatology (Oxford). 52 (8):1508,2013.(IF:4.475)

13) 5-Aminolevulinic acid protects against cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity without compromising the anticancer
  efficiency of cisplatin in rats in vitro and in vivo.

  Terada Y, Inoue K, Matsumoto T, Ishihara M, Hamada K, Shimamura Y, Ogata K, Inoue K, Taniguchi Y, Horino T,
  Karashima T, Tamura K, Fukuhara H, Fujimoto S, Tsuda M, Shuin T.
  PLoS one. 8(12):e80850. 2013. (IF:3.234)

14) Lupus nephritis with positive myeloperoxidase/proteinase 3-antineutrophil cytoplasmic autoantibody that developed
  after 17 years of propylthiouracil therapy.

  Taguchi T, Nakayama S, Fujimoto S, Terada Y.
  Endocrine. 46(2):357-359, 2013. (IF:3.878)

15) Serum level of soluble (pro)renin receptor is modulated in chronic kidney disease.
  Hamada K,Taniguchi Y, Shimamura Y, Inoue K, Ogata K, Ishihara M, Horino T, Fujimoto S, Ohguro T, Yoshimoto Y,
  Ikebe M, Yuasa K, Hoshino E, Iiyama T, Ichihara A, Terada Y.
  Clin Exp Nephrol. 17(6):848-856, 2013. (IF:2.020)

16) Heart-specific overexpression of choline acetyltransferase gene protects murine heart against ischemia through
  hypoxia-inducible factor-1α-related defense mechanisms.

  Kakinuma Y, Tsuda M, Okazaki K, Akiyama T, Arikawa M, Noguchi T, Sato T.
  J Am Heart Assoc. 2013 Jan 18;2(1):e004887(IF:4.306)

17) The neuroprotective and neurorescue effects of carbamylated erythropoietin Fc fusion protein (CEPO-Fc) in a rat
  model of Parkinson's disease.

  Thomas Tayra J, Kameda M, Yasuhara T, Agari T, Kadota T, Wang F, Kikuchi Y, Liang H, Shinko A, Wakamori T,
  Vcelar B, Weik R, Date I.
  Brain Res. 2013 Mar 28;1502:55-70(IF: 2.843)

18) Oral administration of Ag suppresses Ag-induced allergic conjunctivitis in mice: critical timing and dose of Ag.
  Ishida W, Fukuda K, Harada Y, Sumi T, Taguchi O, Tsuda M, Yagita H, Fukushima A.
  Br J Ophthalmol. 2013 Apr;97(4):492-7(IF:2.976)

19) Photodynamic therapy involves an antiangiogenic mechanism and is enhanced by ferrochelatase inhibitor in
  urothelial carcinoma.

  Inoue K, Fukuhara H, Kurabayashi A, Furihata M, Tsuda M, Nagakawa K, Fujita H, Utsumi K, Shuin T.
  Cancer Sci. 2013 Jun;104(6):765-72(IF:3.523)

20) Mannitol enhances therapeutic effects of intra-arterial transplantation of mesenchymal stem cells into the brain after
  traumatic brain injury.

  Okuma Y, Wang F, Toyoshima A, Kameda M, Hishikawa T, Tokunaga K, Sugiu K, Liu K, Haruma J, Nishibori M,
  Yasuhara T, Date I.
  Neurosci Lett. 2013 Oct 25;554:156-61(IF: 2.030)

21) Neuroprotective effects of liraglutide for stroke model of rats.
  Sato K, Kameda M, Yasuhara T, Agari T, Baba T, Wang F, Shinko A, Wakamori T, Toyoshima A, Takeuchi H, Sasaki T,
  Sasada S, Kondo A, Borlongan CV, Matsumae M, Date I.
  Int J Mol Sci. 2013 Oct 30;14(11):21513-24(IF:2.862)

22) Is it possible to diagnose malignancy from fluid in cystic ovarian tumors?
  Yamada R, Maeda N, Oguri H, Adachi Y, Takeuchi T, Furihata M, Fukaya T.
  Eur J Obstet Gynecol Reprod Biol. 2013 Nov;171(1):96-100(IF:1.695)


1) Blood glucose control using an artificial pancreas reduces the workload of ICU nurses.
  Mibu K, Yatabe T, Hanazaki K.
  ATTD 2012 Yearbook, 4th ed, Phillip M and Battelino T eds, Mary Ann Liebert, pp67-69. 2013

2) 谷口義典、寺田典生:  
  14 代謝性アシドーシス治療薬. 腎臓病薬物療法実践ガイド・T章 腎疾患治療薬の基本的知識  
  丹羽利充編集pp145-149. 中山書店、2013

3) 井上紘輔、寺田典生:  
  17 尿細管性アシドーシス. 腎臓病薬物療法実践ガイド・ U章 疾患別処方例の実際  
  丹羽利充編pp363-369、 中山書店

4) 谷口義典、M田佳寿、島村芳子、寺田典生:  
  3 薬物治療 利尿薬. 腎不全治療 レシピ・V 慢性腎不全治療(保存期および透析)  

5) 寺田典生:  
  11-9 尿細管疾患. 第10版 内科学  
  矢ア義雄編集pp1498-1505.  朝倉書店、2013




1) Hanazaki K, Namikawa T.
  Development of perioperative glycemic control using an artificial endocrine pancreas.
  35th Annual International Conference IEEE EMBS, 2013.7.3-7.7, Osaka International Convention Center, Osaka,



1) 寺田典生
  第58回日本透析医学会学術集会・総会 シンポジウム1 6,20-23,2013 福岡

2) 寺田典生
  第58回日本透析医学会学術集会・総会 教育講演15 6,20-23,2013 福岡

3) 前田長正

4) 前田長正
  奈良県産婦人科医会学術 講演会、2013年11月14日、奈良

5) 前田長正

6) 都留英美、澤田健、西原真理、津田 雅之


1) Effectiveness of an artificial pancreas with closed-loop system to achieve tight glycemic control.     
  Asano T, Y. Kinoshita Y, Mibu K, Kitagawa H, Munekage M, Yatabe T, Yamazaki F, Hanazaki K.
  25th International Conference Society Medical Innovation Technology, 2nd Poster Prize, 2013. 9.5-9.7, Baden-Baden,


2) 胆管癌細胞株におけるプロテアソ―ム阻害剤ボルテゾミブによる抗腫瘍効果の増強.     
  第31回日本ヒト細胞学会学術集会、ヤングサイエンティスト賞、2013.8.10-8.11, 所沢


  高知新聞 2013年12月19日

  論文発表  原著・総説(英文査読あり)

1) Prognostic significance of smoking in patients with acute ischemic stroke within 3 months of onset.
  Kumagai N, Origasa H, Nagao T, Takekawa H, Okuhara Y, Yamaguchi T.
  J Stroke Cerebrovasc Dis. 22(6):792-8. 2013 (IF:1.669)

2) Effects of smoking on outcomes after acute atherothrombotic stroke in Japanese men.
  Kumagai N, Okuhara Y, Iiyama T, Fujimoto Y, Takekawa H, Origasa H, Kawanishi Y, Yamaguchi T.
  Journal of the Neurological Sciences. 335(1-2):164-168, 2013 (IF:2.474)

3) Heavy alcohol intake is a risk factor for esophageal squamous cell carcinoma among middle-aged men: A case-control
  and simulation study.

  Naoko Kumagai, Toshifumi Wakai, Kohei Akazawa, Yiwei Ling, Shijie Wang, Baoen Shan, Yoshiyasu Okuhara, Yutaka
  Hatakeyama, Hiromi Kataoka.
  Molecular and Clinical Oncology. 1, 811-816, 2013.

4) Spatial distribution of selection pressure on a protein based on the hierarchical Bayesian model.
  Watabe T, Kishino H.
  Mol Biol Evol. 2013 Dec;30(12):2714-22. doi: 10.1093/molbev/mst151. Epub 2013 Sep 2.(IF:9.105)

5) Liver acid sphingomyelinase inhibits growth of metastatic colon cancer.
  Osawa Y, Suetsugu A, Matsushima-Nishiwaki R, Yasuda I, Saibara T, Moriwaki H, Seishima M, Kozawa O.
  J Clin Invest. 2013 Feb;123(2):834-43. doi: 10.1172/JCI65188. Epub 2013 Jan 9. (IF 13.765)

6) Hepatocyte destruction with enhanced collagen synthesis: characteristic feature of chronic hepatitis C patients on

  Ue M, Ikebe N, Munekage K, Ochi T, Hirose A, Kataoka H, Fujimoto S, Kikuchi K, Okuhara Y, Ono M, Saibara T.
  J Viral Hepat. 2013 May;20(5):350-7. doi: 10.1111/jvh.12031. Epub 2012 Dec 11. (IF 3.307)

7) Noninvasive scoring systems in patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease with normal alanine aminotransferase

  Yoneda M, Imajo K, Eguchi Y, Fujii H, Sumida Y, Hyogo H, Ono M, Suzuki Y, Kawaguchi T, Aoki N, Sata M, Kanemasa
  K, Kohgo Y, Saibara T, Chayama K, Itoh Y, Yoshikawa T, Anzai K, Fujimoto K, Okanoue T, Nakajima A; Japan Study
  Group of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (JSG-NAFLD).
  J Gastroenterol. 2013 Sep;48(9):1051-60. doi: 10.1007/s00535-012- 0704-y. Epub 2012 Nov 27. (IF 3.307)

8) Glycemic variability is an independent predictive factor for development of hepatic fibrosis in nonalcoholic fatty liver

  Hashiba M, Ono M, Hyogo H, Ikeda Y, Masuda K, Yoshioka R, Ishikawa Y, Nagata Y, Munekage K, Ochi T, Hirose A,
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9) Tumor necrosis factor-α promotes cholestasis-induced liver fibrosis in the mouse through tissue inhibitor of
  metalloproteinase-1 production in hepatic stellate cells.

  Osawa Y, Hoshi M, Yasuda I, Saibara T, Moriwaki H, Kozawa O.
  PLoS One. 2013 Jun 3;8(6):e65251. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0065251. Print 2013. (IF 3.534)

10) Significance of high-sensitivity cardiac troponin T in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
  Kubo T, Kitaoka H, Yamanaka S, Hirota T, Baba Y, Hayashi K, Iiyama T, Kumagai N, Tanioka K, Yamasaki N,
  Matsumura Y, Furuno T, Sugiura T, Doi YL.
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11) Tissue Doppler imaging and prognosis in asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic patients with hypertrophic

  Kitaoka H, Kubo T, Hayashi K, Yamasaki N, Matsumura Y, Furuno T, Doi YL.
  Eur Heart J Cardiovasc Imaging. 2013 Jun;14(6):544-9. (IF 4.105)

12) Sarcomere gene mutations are associated with increased cardiovascular events in left ventricular hypertrophy:
  results from multicenter registration in Japan.

  Fujita T, Fujino N, Anan R, Tei C, Kubo T, Doi Y, Kinugawa S, Tsutsui H, Kobayashi S, Yano M, Asakura M, Kitakaze M,
  Komuro I, Konno T, Hayashi K, Kawashiri MA, Ino H, Yamagishi M.
  JACC Heart Fail. 2013 Dec;1(6):459-66.


1) 西原利治、小野正文        
  菅野健太郎・上西紀夫・井廻道夫編、消化器疾患 最新の治療2012-2013、328-331、南江堂、小立鉦彦、東京、2013.

2) 西原利治        
  代謝性肝疾患 臨床病態学2  
  菅野健太郎編 133-135頁、  ヌーヴェルヒロカワ、東京、2013

3) 西原利治        
  肥満症と脂肪肝、NASH 内分泌代謝学  
  中尾一和編 449-450頁、診断と治療社、東京、2013

4) 腰山裕一、湯川晋弘、西原利治        
  メタボ肝癌の高危険群@ メタボ肝癌  
  小俣政男編 97-101頁、アークメディア、東京、2013

5) 西原利治        

6) 西原利治        
  V 治療編 1 治療学総論  

7) 西原利治、小野正文        
  下瀬川徹・渡辺守・木下芳一・金子周一・樫田博史編、専門医のための消化器病学 第2版、381-385、医学書院、金原優、東

8) 小野正文、西原利治        
  Debate 薬物起因による“NASH”はNASHではない?  

9) 宗景玄祐、小野正文、西原利治        
  カラー版 消化器病学 基礎と臨床  
  浅香正博・菅野健太郎・千葉勉編、7 非アルコール性脂肪性肝疾患、1217-1221、西村書店、西村正徳、東京、2013





1) Kubo T.
  Meet the expert: Hypertrophic cardiomyopahty: an update.
  The 77th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Circulation Society, Yokohama, 2013

2) 久保亨
  第17回日本心不全学会学術集会モーニングセミナー:埼玉、 2013


1) 大友和則(先端医療学コース医学科4年生(発表時))        

2) 石橋知明(先端医療学コース医学科3年生(発表時))        

  論文発表  原著・総説(英文査読あり)

1) Activation of ATP-sensitive potassium channels by nicorandil is preserved in aged vascular smooth muscle cells in rats.
  Yamazaki F, Chi H, Eguchi S, Kawano T.
  J Anesth. 2013; 27: 623-6. (IF 1.176)

2) Preoperative oral rehydration therapy with 2.5% carbohydrate beverage alleviates insulin action in volunteers.
  Yatabe T, Tamura T, Kitagawa H, Namikawa T, Yamashita K, Hanazaki K, Yokoyama M.
  J Artif Organs. 2013; 16: 483-8. (IF 1.441)

3) Influence of administration of 1 % glucose solution on neonatal blood glucose concentration in cesarean section.
  Yatabe T, Tateiwa H, Ikenoue N, Kitamura S, Yamashita K, Yokoyama M.
  J Anesth. 2013; 27: 302-5. (IF=1.176)

4) Postoperative pain impairs subsequent performance on a spatial memory task via effects on N-methyl-d-aspartate
  receptor in aged rats.

  Chi H, Kawano T, Tamura T, Iwata H, Takahashi Y, Eguchi S, Yamazaki F, Kumagai N, Yokoyama M.
  Life Sci. 2013; 93: 986-93. (IF 2.702)





1) 安田誠史
 4-1 高齢者総合機能評価(CGA)、4-2 老年症候群、4-3 老年病の 概論、4-4 老年期における身体疾患.
 安村誠司、甲斐一郎 編集.高齢者保健福祉マニュアル pp36-38 南山堂 東京 2013年

2) 矢田部智昭、横山正尚
 麻酔科医のための循環管理の実際(横山正尚 専門編集)
 1-2術前輸液管理の考え方 9-12、中山書店、東京、2013

2) 矢田部智昭、横山正尚
 麻酔科医のための循環管理の実際(横山正尚 専門編集)
 1-2術前輸液管理の考え方 9-12、中山書店、東京、2013

3) 河野崇、横山正尚
 麻酔科医のための循環管理の実際(横山正尚 専門編集)
 3-5心臓ペーシングデバイス装着患者 70-5、中山書店、東京、2013

4) 山下幸一、横山正尚
 麻酔科医のための循環管理の実際(横山正尚 専門編集)
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5) 河野崇, 大下修造
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7) 河野 崇、横山正尚
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1) 長野修
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2) 矢田部智昭、田村貴彦、横山正尚
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3) 河野 崇
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4) 高知市内小児科医説明会
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5) 菅沼成文

6) 安野智哉(国立病院機構高知病院検査科)
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7) 菅沼成文

8) 安光ラヴェル香保子
  子どもの健康と環境に関する全国調査(エコチル調査) 高知ユニットセンターに  おける進捗報告・広報及びフォローアップの

9) 南まりな


1) 日本麻酔科学会第60回学術集会 最優秀演題賞

2) 第6回運動器疼痛学会 最優秀演題賞


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  2) 2013/7 地域情報誌 はたも〜ら(平成25年7月号)エコチル調査について 参加者5,000人超

  3) 2013/7/18 テレビ KSSさんさんテレビ 「さんさんPickUp」

  4) 2013/7/19 テレビ RKC高知放送TV こうちeyeプラス

  5) 2013/7/30 テレビ KUTVテレビ高知 「ホット告知板」

  6) 2013/8/31 新聞(朝刊)高知新聞 県内妊婦全国2倍の頻度でマグロやカツオ摂取

  7) 2013/9/25 雑誌 ほっとこうち「ママの本」エコチル紹介

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1) 常風興平        
  平成25年度度高知大学医学部附属病院 若手研究者賞  

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