Kochi University Anhui Liaison Office

Opening October 14, 2013
Country location China (Héféi Shì, Anhui Province) * Established within a partner university, Anhui University
Main activities It was established as the Kochi University overseas base in China. In order to promote international exchange and disseminate information on Kochi University, the Office engages in international joint research, acceptance and dispatch of international students, and services including overseas public relations. Moreover, the Japanese Learning Center is located at this university.


 Kochi University has established its first Liaison Office in China at Anhui University, in order to enhance international academic collaboration, exchanges of students and publication of activities abroad. The opening ceremony on 14 October 2014 was attended by President Wakiguchi of Kochi University and President Cheng Hua of Anhui University. Other guests came from the Beijing Office of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Kochi University’s China Alumni Association, and the Shanghai Office of the Kochi Prefectural Trade Association.
 Kochi University also plans to establish a liaison office in Thailand, as part of our plan to to expand our network to all parts of Asia.

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