Center of Biomembrane Functions Controlling Biological Systems◆FY2010-2015 Kochi University Research Center Project
The web site of CBM opened.
The Kochi University Research Center Project started.
Elucidate and integrate the biomembrane functions,
leading to development of diagnosis and treatment of diseases
The cell, basic unit of life, consists of the genome system (nucleic acids and their primary products, proteins) and the membrane wrapping it, which are both indispensable. The membrane defines the unit boundary which the genome system works within. The membrane serves as the interface between environment and cell,and mediates communication between them. In CBF we intend to approach biological systems from the viewpoint of biomembranes. Biomembranes consist of lipids and glycans that are not a direct product of the gene. ?Additionary, membrane proteins that are a direct ?product of the gene are integrated into them, forming a functional unit. So far, understanding of the genome systeme is considerably progressed by genomics and proteomics research. However, little is known about biomembranes. In CBF we aim at elucidation of the biomembrane functions to control biological systems in the following themes.

Theme 1: Discovery of unknown components of the membrane structure.
Theme 2: Identification of molecular interactions in the biomembranes that collaborate for forming a functional unit.
Theme 3: Elucidation of signal transduction pathways from the membrane to the nucleus, and vice versa.

In CBF experts in a variety of fields of medicine collaborate with each other: biochemists and molecular biologists that are experts in carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids; pharmacologists, microbiologist and immunologist that have concerns about biological phenomena in their respective areas of expertise; and pathologists and clinicians that have questions in terms of clinical issues.
CBF will foster youthful scientists studying biomembranes and also support clinicians and researchers outside CBR for their researches at the molecular level.

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