Activities of Natural Science Cluster

The Natural Science Cluster of Kochi University aims to promote researches targeting a variety of naturally occurring events. The scope is ranging from the marine floor of oceans to the space in a vertical direction and from local areas in Shikoku Island to East Asia and Africa through Pan Pacific areas in a horizontal direction.


Activities of Departments

Science Department

Science Department covers research areas of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and earth science, and aims to clarify laws of nature using theoretical and experimental techniques. The department also covers information science, applied chemistry, molecular biology and disaster science, and focuses on international academic researches and regional issues, in a boundary of basic and applied sciences.

Agriculture Department

Agriculture Department is on fundamental and comprehensive fields of research including subtropical agriculture, forest science, aquaculture, bioresource science, agricultural engineering etc., and contribute positively from a view point of conservation of the global environment and food production, environment respecting and sustainable agricultural production, forest growth-control and recycling of resources, development of a novel regional model based on “Environment –Friendly Society”, production and utilization of sustainable and recyclable marine resources, safety in foods and food processing and application of health-promoting foods, land-soil and life environment conservation, irrigation engineering, rural resource management, international cooperation in agriculture, forestry and fishery.