Tour Option

Tour Option in AGRO’2014

Visit day: 27 November 2014

Visit hours: Full Day - 08:00-18:00

Departure: The Crown Palais New Hankyu Kochi (Conference venue) at 08:00

Arrival: Kochi Airport (KCZ) at 17:20
The Crown Palais New Hankyu Kochi (Conference venue) at 18:00

Price per person: 2,000 JPY

Price includes:

  • •English speaking guide during the visit
  • •Air conditioned transportation with insurance
  • •Lunch during the visit (excluding drinks)
  • •Experience making a traditional Japanese paper
  • Number of travelers to be collected: 20 people

    Visit destinations:

  • • Composting facilities (Kyowa Kako Co., Ltd, Kochi Office)
  • • Shimoji sewerage treatment plant (Kochi City)
  • • Breakthrough by Dynamic Approach in Sewage High Technology (B-DASH) Project by Kochi City –Kochi University–Japan Sewage Works Agency– METAWATER Co., Ltd. consortium (National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management, Japan) (under construction)
  • • Experience making traditional Japanese paper (Tosa Washi Village)
  • • Niyodo River
  • • Visit to Japanese sake brewery (Tsukasa botan Shuzo Co., Ltd)
  • Optional tour can be reserved by sending the application form to "" (before conference) or by submitting it to the registration desk of the conference venue (during conference). To avoid hacking, the “@” character in the address has been replaced with an image; while sending the e-mail, replace the image with the “@” character. Application form is available here . Application will be accepted in the order of receipt until the number of participants reaches the upper limit (20 people).