Guidelines for the Preparation of a Full Paper

The author of papers accepted for oral or poster presentation are asked to submit a full paper together with the Supplementary sheet.
The full papers will be published in the conference proceedings, which will be distributed only to the delegates at the conference, and does not have the ISBN number.
The full paper must be submitted by 1 September 15 September 2014 by e-mail to

Articles should be provided in electronic form and comply with the instructions.
Further information regarding instructions, including a templates for full papers can be downloaded from below.

Full Papers Guidelines

Please refer IWA Full Papers Guidelines when preparing your full paper.

Download Full Papers Guidelines

Full Paper Template

Please use IWA Full Paper Template when preparing your Full Paper.

Download Full Paper Template

Supplementary sheet

Please submit the Supplementary sheet together with a full paper.

Download Supplementary sheet


Prospective authors are invited to submit an abstract for AGRO'2014.
Abstract submission will be opened from March 1 until May 31th June 14th.
The abstract should be submitted to the organizing committee by E-mail with Submission information sheet.
*Please check the E-mail address not to send your Abstract to the Symposium Secretariat

Organizing committee will reviews the abstracts for selecting papers to be presented in the conference, and also make decision on presentation style (platform/poster) for each paper.
A selected number of papers and posters will be reviewed for publication in the IWA journals “Water Science and Technology”, “Water Science and Technology: Water Supply”, “Water Practice and Technology”, in "Environmental Technology", in “Journal of Water and Environment Technology”, and in "Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management".

<AGRO'2014 organising committee>

*To avoid hacking, "@" in these addresses has been replaced with an image.To send an e-mail to one of these addresses, simply replace it with the @ character.

Layout and Style

Abstract should be in Word format (doc or docx), no more than two A4 pages (1000 words) in English.
This format must contain adequate information to achieve a sound referee review.

A Microsoft Word document which contains the following details:

Title 14pt. Arial; Bold; First Letter in Each Word in Capitals
Authors Name(s) 10 pt. Arial
Address 9 pt. Arial
Keywords 9 pt. Arial
Main Text 11 pt. Arial Line Spacing Single
Headings 12 pt. Arial; Bold
Sub-Headings 11 pt. Arial; Bold
Paragraphs First line of first paragraph not indented. All other first lines of paragraphs indented
Figure/Table Title 9 pt. Arial
Units of Measurement SI system
References 9 pt Arial;TitleHarvard style

Outline Paper Template

Please use Outline Paper Template when preparing your paper.

Download Outline Paper Template

Submission information sheet

Submission information sheet must be attached to the abstract.
Please download the template below.

Download Submission information sheet


For inquiries about abstract & full paper submissions, notifications, etc. please contact our Symposium Secretariat

<AGRO'2014 Symposium Secretariat>

Fax +81-88-864-5163
*To avoid hacking, "@" in these addresses has been replaced with an image.To send an e-mail to one of these addresses, simply replace it with the @ character.
Address Research and Education Faculty,
Natural Sciences Cluster,
Agriculture Unit, Kochi University,
B200 Monobe, Nankoku, Kochi, Japan.
  Dr. Hirofumi Tsutsui