Science Research Center

Oceanography Section

<The Division of Marine Biology Research>

  ・Usa Institute of Marine Biology

 The institute promotes research and education on marine biology and fisheries science.


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<The Division of Marine Environment and Resource Use>

<The Division of Marine Biotechnology>

Life Sciences and Functional Materials Section

<The Division of Biological Research>

 ・The facility for Research Instruments

 ・The facility for Radio-isotope Research

 The facility is a central facility for life science research, which consists of Biochemistry, Morphology, Physiology, Immunology and Biohazard laboratories. Each division has its own research equipment and training programs available for researchers in our school. The Center is a facility capable of conducting experiments with the use of radioactive isotopes.


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<The Division of Laboratory Animal Science>

 ・The Facility for Animal Research

 The Facility for Animal Research is a central facility for animal experiments in our medical school. Our facility contributes to medical research and education by promoting suitable care of laboratory animals, development of model animals and education programs for executing scientific and ethical animal experiments.


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<The Division of Genome Science>

 ・Molecular Genetics Facilities

 The institute promotes education and research on recombinant DNA and other genetic experiments, and their safe administration, as well as comprehensive research on genetics are promoted.

<The Division of Functional Materials>

Disaster Prevention Section(Center for Disaster Prevention, Support, & Research for Nankai Earthquake)

 The Disaster Prevention Section conducts research on natural disasters, including the anticipated Nankai earthquake. It aims at contributing to the region by making use of its research results, coordinating collaboration with regional organizations, and providing support and problem-solutions on disaster prevention.