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Vol.17 No.2

Cover (in Japanese)

Index (in Japanese)

Reearch Note

Epidemiological studies on lung fluke from the freshwater crab, Geothephusa dehaani, in Kochi Prefecture. 17-2, 45-52 (in Japanese).
Amane Obara1) and Motomi Genkai-Kato2

Development of teaching materials utilizing materials processing technology by teachers of technology education. 17-2, 53-60 (in Japanese).
Kumi Nagano and Hirotaka Doho


Consideration of log wood processing methods using chisels for manufacturing using wood. 17-2, 61-65 (in Japanese).
Kumi Nagano and Hirotaka Doho

Editorial Policy and Instructions for Authors (in Japanese)

Colophon (in Japanese)


Call for Papers

We cordially invite scientists, researchers, students and professionals from country members of the Kuroshio region, especially the participants of the 16th International Kuroshio Science Symposium to submit your manuscripts to our Kuroshio Science journal Special Issue (18-1).

Submit your manuscript for the special issue of Kuroshio Science (Vol. 18, No. 1) by 10 May 2024. In detail, please see the “Editorial Policy and Instructions for Authors” and "Call for Papers"
Do not hesitate to contact me (shinbo at kochi-u.ac.jp) if you have any question.

Vol.17 No.1(2023年10月)



Opening Remarks. 17-1, 1.
Ching-Nen Nathan Chen

Research Paper

Dynamics of catch and effort in entangling net and handline dominated fishing ground. 17-1, 2-13.
Renan U. Bobiles, Angelo P. Candelaria and Ronnel R. Dioneda, Sr.

Symposium Proceedings

Maturity and spawning period of shortfin scad, Decapterus macrosoma (Bleeker, 1851, Perciformaes: Carangidae) in Babuyan Channel, Philippines. 17-1, 14-21.
Melanie C. Villarao and Angel B. Encarnacion

Abundance and diversity of macroinvertebrates along the coral reefs of Lagonoy Gulf with notes on algal herbivory. 17-1, 22-27.
Michael C. Borejon, Antonino B. Mendoza Jr and Joshua Karl B. Bista

Establishment and operation of Northern Pacific Seaboard Fisheries Management Area in the Philippine waters. 17-1, 28-30.
Emma L. Ballad and Angel B. Encarnacion

Analysis of villagers' perspectives and involvement in marine protected area management in Northern Luzon, Philippines. 17-1, 31-36.
Joela Mizchelle Aquino dela Vega, Emma Legaspi Ballad, Yoshinori Morooka and Teruyuki Shinbo

The 15th International Kuroshio Science Symposium

The 15th International Kuroshio Science Symposium Program. 17-1, 37-41.

The Sentiments of Graduate Students on the Symposium. 17-1, 42.

Editorial Policy and Instructions for Authors

Editorial Policy and Instructions for Authors. 17-1, 43-44.



Vol.16 No.2

Cover (in Japanese)

Index (in Japanese)

>Research Paper

Diversity and conservation of the benthic invertebrate organisms in Uranouchi Bay, Kochi. 16-2, 51-59 (in Japanese).
Reito Tsuzurahara, Kyo Takagi, Yuto Matsuda, Gen Kanaya and Osamu Miura

Editorial Policy and Instructions for Authors (in Japanese)

Colophon (in Japanese)


Vol.16 No.1



Opening Remarks. 16-1, 1.
Hiroyuki Ukeda

Research Paper

Dynamics of bivalve-killing dinoflagellate Heterocapsa circularisquama and its infectious virus-like agent in Ago Bay from 2005 to 2007. 16-1, 2-8.
Yuji Tomaru, Naotsugu Hata, Masatsugu Fujiwara, Takeshi Masuda and Keizo Nagasaki

Symposium Proceedings

Establishing a marine protected area network in the Western Danajon Bank Bohol, Central Visayas, Philippines. 16-1, 9-14.
Wilfredo L. Campos, Liezel C. Paraboles, Samuel J. Gulayan, Ryan Dexter R. Piloton and Edline Rene Handugan

Traditional knowledge of medicinal plants as tonic by Karya Bhakti Village community of Bengkayang Regency West Kalimantan Indonesia. 16-1, 15-26.
Yeni Mariani, Fathul Yusro, Yanieta Arbiastutie and Riconadi

Ethnomedicinal plants used by the community of Dayak Kanayatn tribe in the Tonang Village West Kalimantan, Indonesia. 16-1, 27-38.
Fathul Yusro, Yeni Mariani and Rika Purnama Sari

The 14th International Kuroshio Science Symposium

The 14th International Kuroshio Science Symposium Program. 16-1, 39-47.

List of Participants of the 14th International Kuroshio Science Symposium. 16-1, 48.

Editorial Policy and Instructions for Authors

Editorial Policy and Instructions for Authors. 16-1, 49-50.


Call for Papers

We cordially invite scientists, researchers, students and professionals from country members of the Kuroshio region, especially the participants of the 14th International Kuroshio Science Symposium to submit your manuscripts to our Kuroshio Science journal Special Issue (16-1).

Submit your manuscript for the special issue of Kuroshio Science (Vol. 16, No. 1) by 30 April 2022. In detail, please see the “Editorial Policy and Instructions for Authors” and "Call for Papers"
Do not hesitate to contact me (shinbo at kochi-u.ac.jp) if you have any question.


Vol.15 No.2

Cover (in Japanese)

Index (in Japanese)

Research Paper

Spatial structure of benthic communities along the environmental gradient in Urado Bay. 15-2, 30-39 (in Japanese).
Kyo Takagi, Kazuma Ueno and Osamu Miura

Reearch Note

Brachyuran crab fauna and environmental conditions on the supratidal and intertidal zone around Enoshima Island, Sagami Bay. 15-2, 40-55 (in Japanese).
Toshishige Itoh, Yuichiro Shimazu, Daiki Katooka, Isao Ooshita, Tadao Sakiyama and Ikuo Ueda


Intergenerational Comparison of Landowner Perceptions in Hilly and Mountainous Areas. 15-2, 56-61 (in Japanese).
Yukio Yamamoto, Mika Matsumoto and Yoshiaki Iiguni

Editorial Policy and Instructions for Authors (in Japanese)

Colophon (in Japanese)


Vol.15 No.1


Preface. 15-1, 1.
Teruyuki Shinbo

Keynote Lecture

Common dolphinfish fisheries in Babuyan Channel, Philippines. 15-1, 2-9.
ReaMae O. Casco, Melanie C. Villarao, Erickson Gumiran, Angel B. Encarnacion, Milagros C. Morales

Research Note

New record of the symbiotic alpheid shrimp Stenalpheops anacanthus Miya, 1997 from the middle of the Sea of Japan. 15-1, 10-13.
Kristian Q. Aldea, Yumi Henmi

Symposium Proceedings

Designing an integrative model of fisheries and mangrove resource management for disaster risk reduction in the typhoon-prone island of Catanduanes Island, Philippines. 15-1, 14-24.
Jimmy T. Masagca


Tribute to Prof. Victor S. Soliman. 15-1, 25-27.
Wilfredo L. Campos, Plutomeo M. Nieves, Antonio B. Mendoza

Editorial Policy and Instruction for Authors. 15-1, 28-29.


Vol.14 No.2

Research Note

Burrow morphology of an alpheid shrimp at muddy tidal flats in western Japan. 14-2, 99-102.
Sota Kirihara, Gyo Itani, Jun-ichi Nunobe, Akihito Nomoto, Kristian Q. Aldea, Runa Murakami, Hiroshi Sakata, Yumi Henmi

Influence of retention conditions and duration on the swim frenzy in green sea turtle hatchlings. 14-2, 103-112 (in Japanese).
Toshiki Hatakenaka, Kanari Miyake, Kohki Takada, Takahide Sasai, Shingo Fukada, Muneyuki Kayou, Takahiro Obuchi, Ken Maeda, Masae Makabe, Isao Kawazu, Tomomi Saito


Vol.14 No.1

Opening Remarks

Opening Remarks. 14-1, 1-2.
Milagros C. Morales and Teruyuki Shinbo

Keynote Lecture

Diet analysis of juvenile fishes associated with zooplankton. 14-1, 3-6.
Sakiko Orui Sakaguchi, Kiyotaka Takishita, Katusnori Fujikura

Research Note

Hazard preparation for the fishingcommunity of Nato,Camarines Sur, Philippines usingthe participatory approach to Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) Planning. 14-1, 7-27.
Maria Christina G. Gumba*, Cristina P. Lim, Jasper R. Nieves, Ronnel A. Dioneda Jr.

Symposium Proceedings

Development of bottled tunanut. 14-1, 28-33.
Myrna C. Bigueja, Christine B. Bigueja

Ecotourism structure plan of Malabungot protected landscape and seascape: promoting sustainable coastal communities and ecosystems through comprehensive ecotourism development. 14-1, 34-45.
Ballad Emma L., Morales Milagros C.

Value chain analysis of abalone trading in Lahuy group of island in Caramoan, Camarines Sur, Philippines. 14-1, 46-53.
Karlo Pedro L. Medroso II, Joel B. Balasta, Percival O. Ebron

Standardization and sensory evaluation of bottled smoked Indian oil sardines (Sardinella longiceps). 14-1, 54-59.
Myrna C. Bigueja, Irene P. Daet, Glenda S. Sales

Assessment of mangroves in Malabungot Protected Landscape and Seascape in Garchitorena, Camarines Sur. 14-1, 60-70.
Jasper R. Nieves, Raul G. Bradecina

Symposium Program

Symposium Program. 14-1, 71-78.

Post Conference Report

Post Conference Report. 14-1, 79.
Emma L. Ballad, Evelyn C. Ame, Milagros C. Morales

List of Participants

List of Participants. 14-1, 80.

Symposium Synthesis

Symposium Synthesis. 14-1, 81-85.
Ronaldo R. Libunao

Plenary Sessions

Plenary Sessions. 14-1, 86-87.
Angel B. Encarnacion, Renan U. Bobiles, Plutomeo M. Nieves, Nico Jose Leander

Parallel Sessions

Parallel Sessions. 14-1, 88-96.
Wilfredo Campos, Alex P. Camaya, Mudjekeewis D. Santos, Jayvee A. Saco, Teruyuki Shinbo, Antox B. Mendoza, Evelyn Ame, Helen Grace P. Bangi, Victor, Soliman, Glycinea M. de Peralta, Ritchie A. Rivera, Aeron D. Mayor, Emma L. Ballad, Aeron D. Mayor

Editorial Policy and Instructions for Authors

Editorial Policy and Instructions for Authors. 14-1, 97-98.


Vol.13 No.2

Research Paper

Lower social skills, mental discomfort, and physical discomfort associated with worse sleep quality may impair self-estimation of soccer performance in university soccer club athletes. 13-2, 77-85.
Kawada Takahiro, Takeuchi Hitomi, Nakade Miyo, Tsuji Fujiko, Tamai Akira, Mizuno Hiroyuki, Harada Tetsuo

Reearch Note

Morphological characteristics and leg autotomy in harvestmen. 13-2, 86-93 (in Japanese).
Kanna Nakao and Motomi Genkai-Kato

Relationships between stone size and abundance of benthic organisms in steams. 13-2, 94-100 (in Japanese).
Gota Hasegawa and Motomi Genkai-Kato


Vol.13 No.1

Research Paper

Importance of naturally occurring insect larvae and gutweed as complementary food for white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) aquaculture. 13-1, 1-8.
Muangyao Pensri, Fukami Kimio, Predalumpaburt Youngyut, Songsangjinda Putth

Evaluation of naturally occurring foods in aquaculture ponds as protein source and for partial placement of pellets for white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei. 13-1, 9-17.
Muangyao Pensri, Fukami Kimio, Predalumpaburt Youngyut, Songsangjinda Putth

Research Note

Two new records of Bopyridae (Crustacea : Isopoda) infesting brachyuran crabs from Japan. 13-1, 18-22.
Corral Jonel M., Henmi Yumi, Itani Gyo


Preliminary investigation on the collection and trading system of crablets (Scylla spp.) in Cagayan Province, Philippines. 13-1, 23-30.
Ballad Emma L., Banarez Bernard S.

Symposium Proceedings

Experiences on coral transplantation and rehabilitation. 13-1, 31-35.
Mendoza Antonino B., Soliman Jr. Victor S., Buella Sherwin B., Cabiles Christian C.

Fisheries extension system in the Philippines : historical glimpse on BFAR-Regional Fisheries Training Center in Aparri, Cagayan and ways forward. 13-1, 36-40.
Ballad Emma L., Morales Milagros C.

Estimating the recreational value of the Philippines' Malabungot Protected Landscape and Seascape using tourists' individual travel cost : a revealed preference valuation approach. 13-1, 41-48.
Balagtas Charlie V., Bradecina Raul G.

Status of coral reef on Malabungot Protected Landscape and Seascape. 13-1, 49-52.
Dioneda Jr. Ronnel A.,Dioneda Sr. Ronnel R.

Socio-economic status and livelihood prospects of solo parents in Catanduanes, Philippines. 13-1, 53-61.
Lopez Glenn Paul R., San Juan Esperanza P.

Fish assemblages in the coastal waters of Malabungot Protected Landscape and Seascape. 13-1, 62-66.
Balasta Joel B., Umbao Noel P.

Symposium Program

The 12th International Kuroshio Sciences Symposium andSouth China Sea Marine Stations Conference. 13-1, 67-70.

Summary Reports

Summary Report of the Symposium by Graduate Students. 13-1, 71-74.

Editorial Policy and Instructions for Authors

Editorial Policy and Instructions for Authors. 13-1, 75-76.


Vol.12 No.2

Research Paper

Disturbance of wood market by FIT and thecountermeasures. 12-2, 118-130 (in Japanese).
Yuji Fukuda and Yoshiaki Iiguni

Longitudinal changes in benthic invertebratecommunities in headwater regions of two streams onShikoku Island. 12-2, 131-140 (in Japanese).
Mitsuya Inoue, Mei Miyaji, and Motomi Genkai-Kato

Research Note

Seasonal and spatial characteristics of the appearanceof whales and dolphins during whale watching in TosaBay, Japan. 12-2, 141-147 (in Japanese).
Tomo Furuichi and Motomi Genkai-Kato

Status of utilization and recipe for raccoon dog fat asa folk remedy. 12-2, 148-155 (in Japanese).
Kana Kozai, Syuji Yachimori,and Motomi Genkai-Kato

Environmental factors affecting beach selection bynesting loggerhead turtles in Kochi Prefecture. 12-2, 156-173 (in Japanese).
Yosuke Kobayashi, Ryohei Fujimoto, Sho Kosaka, Kanari Miyake, Kouki Tanaka and Tomomi Saito

Ecto- and endoparasites of raccoon dogs in Kochi andHokkaido. 12-2, 174-182 (in Japanese).
Mei Ikenaga, Hideo Kumazawa, Syuji Yachimori, and Motomi Genkai-Kato


Vol.12 No.1


Future Perspectives on the Cross-border Networkfor Research and Education in Kuroshio Science. 12-1, 1.
Hiroshi Wakiguchi

Opening Remarks

Introduction of the International ExchangeInitiative by Kochi University. 12-1, 2-3.
Katutoshi Sakurai

Introduction of Participants and SymposiumOverview. 12-1, 4.
Sota Tanaka


Greetings from Bicol University, 11th InternationalKuroshio Science Symposium, Kochi University, Kochi, Japan. 12-1, 5.
Victor S. Soliman

Opening message for 11thInternational KuroshioScience Symposium. 12-1, 5-6.
Milagros C. Morales

Message. 12-1, 6.
Ching-Nen Nathan Chen

Closing Remarks

11th International Kuroshio Science Symposiumat Kochi University: Synthesis and Manifesto. 12-1, 7.
Teruyuki Shinbo

Keynote Lectures

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and Sustainable Fisheries. 12-1, 8-12.
Hiroyuki Matsuda, Darien D. Mizuta, Eirini I. Vlachopoulou and Mitsutaku Makino

Education on ICOM (Integrated Coastal and Ocean Management) for Undergraduate Students:Background, Needs, and Prospects. 12-1, 13-15.
Kimio Fukami

Symposium Proceedings

Status, Challenges and Directions of Rural Fishery in the Philippines:With Focus on Key Riverine and Coastal Fisheries. 12-1, 16-26.
Raul G. Bradecina

Morphometry, Embryonic Development and Fecundity of Freshwater Shrimp Caridina gracilirostris De Man, 1892 from Laguna de Bay, Laguna, Philippines. 12-1, 27-31.

Language Variations and Understanding Key Resource Management Concepts in Selected Marine Protected Area (MPA) Communities in Lagonoy Gulf, Philippines. 12-1, 32-41.
Josenia M. Penino and Raul G. Bradecina

Biological Aspects of Berried Coconut Crab (Birgus latro, Linnaeus, 1767) from the Islands of Batanes Province, Philippines. 12-1, 42-48.
Cheyserr A. Perucho, Melanie A. Calicdan-Villarao, Angel B. Encarnacion, and Milagros C. Morales

Correlation between desire for permanent employment and frequency of participation in training lectures on nursery school education in non-permanent Japanese nursery school teachers. 12-1, 49-52.
Misako Kawamata and Tetsuo Harada

Political ecology and social representations on inland fisheries and aquaculture in Catanduanes Island, Philippines. 12-1, 53-62.
Jimmy T. Masagca, Minerva I. Morales, Aurora E. Araojo

Stakeholder management in marine protected areas of Catanduanes Island, Philippines. 12-1, 63-71.
Jimmy T. Masagca

Analyzing livelihoods, capabilities and shocks in a marine protected area (MPA) of Catanduanes Island, Luzon. 12-1, 72-78.
Ma. Luz A. Floralde, Jimmy T. Masagca, Meda B. Mercado

Host Spatial Partitioning and Microhabitat Occurrence of Symbiotic Shrimp Periclimenes brevicarpalis. 12-1, 79-83.
Kristian Q. Aldea

The sea cucumber fishery in Palawan, Philippines. 12-1, 84-88.
Jean Beth S. Jontila, Harold M. Monteclaro, Gerald F. Quinitio, Sheila Mae Santander-de Leon and Jon P. Altamirano

Research Paper

Characterization of photosynthesis and growth of Monostroma latissimum (Ulvophyceae) collected from the intertidal area in Kochi, Japan. 12-1, 89-99.
Jayvee Ablana Saco, Satoko Sekida, and Ichiro Mine

Symposium Summary

Summary of Report of the 11th International Kuroshio Science Symposium: Future Perspective on Cross-border Network for Research and Education of "Kuroshio Science": Developing Kuroshio University League Network. 12-1, 100-106.
Plutomeo M. Nieves

Cross-Border Education Summary

Plastic pollution of ocean and coastal areas: situation and solution trends inJapan, Philippines and Taiwan. 12-1, 107.
Dana Ulanova

Symposium Program

Future Perspective on Cross-border Network for Research and Education of“Kuroshio Science”:Developing Kuroshio University League Network. 12-1, 108-116.

Editorial Policy and Instructions for Authors

Editorial Policy and Instructions for Authors. 12-1, 116-117.


Vol.11 No.2

Research Paper

Cytotoxicity of murine eosinophil major basic proteins: the functional analysis of the toxicity by expressing recombinant proteins in both bacterial and mammalian cells. 11-2, 107-116.
Tominaga Mari, Tsuru Shinobu, Yagyu Ken-Ichi, Tomiaga Akira

Estimation of feeding area by goats in an abandoned cropland. 11-2, 117-127 (in Japanese).
MakotoKaki and Motomi Genkai-Kato

Research Note

Occurrence of ghost crabs (Ocypode, Ocypodinae,Ocypodidae, Brachyura) on the sandy beaches ofKochiPrefecture. 11-2, 128-139 (in Japanese).
Masanari Takagi, Ryohei Fujimoto, Saori Waseda and Tomomi Saito

Effects of seawall improvement on animals preying on loggerhead turtle eggs. 11-2, 140-145 (in Japanese).
Saori Waseda, Tomomi Saito, Syuuji Yachimori and Motomi Genkai-Kato

Lateralityofrestingpostureinflamingos. 11-2, 146-151 (in Japanese).
Shiori Iriyama and Motomi Genkai-Kato

Temporal change of frenzy swimming in loggerhead turtle hatchlings. 11-2, 152-162 (in Japanese).
. Ryohei Fujimoto, Maoko Wada, Shohei Kobayashi, Yoshinori Kumazawa and Tomomi Saito

Temporal change in the distribution of Japanese macaques and agricultural damage in Otoyo Town, Kochi Prefecture. 11-2, 163-169 (in Japanese).
Misaki Nakajo and Motomi Genkai-Kato


Vol.11 No.1


Foreword. 11-1, 1.
Arnulfo M. Mascarinas

Opening Remarks&Messages

Opening Remarks&Messages. 11-1, 1-2.
Raul G. Bradecina

Opening Remarks&Messages. 11-1, 2.
Maria Asuncion V. Oronan

Keynote Addresses

Keynote Addresses. 11-1, 2-3.
Milagros C. Morales

Keynote Addresses. 11-1, 3.

Keynote Addresses. 11-1, 3-4.
Teruyuki Shinbo

Symposium Proceedings

Opening Remarks & Messages & Keynote Addresses. 11-1, 1-4.

Marine protected areas and integrated management of coastal and ocean resources. 11-1, 5-7.
Hiroyuki Matsuda, Darien D. Mizuta, Eirini I. Vlachopoulou, Mitsutaku Makino

On-farm trials of phytoandrogen for sex inversion of tilapia. 11-1, 8-13.
Plutomeo M. Nieves

Evaluation of lying-in hatchery concept as resource enhancement strategy for swimming crab. 11-1, 14-20.
Plutomeo M. Nieves

Diversity, species composition, and richness of marine fish fauna in Isabela Waters, Philippines. 11-1, 21-30.
Angel B. Encarnacion, Melanie A. Calicdan-Villarao, Milagros C. Morales

Impact of MPA management variations on fishing income and movement in poverty among fishing households in Lagonoy Gulf, Philippines. 11-1, 31-42.
Raul G. Bradecina

Socioeconomic assessment of small-scale fisheries of Naro Island, Masbate: with focus on the scallop fishery. 11-1, 43-49.
Raul G. Bradecina, Victor S. Soliman

Coral reef assessment in selected marine protected areas in Albay, Philippines. 11-1, 50-53.
Christian D. Cabiles, Antonino B. Mendoza Jr., Ronnel R. Dioneda Sr., Victor S. Soliman

Density distribution of blue crab (Portunus pelagicus) larvae with implications to the lying-in concept of stock enhancement. 11-1, 54-62.
Aldrin Mel B. Macale, Simon G. Alcantara, Plutomeo M. Nieves

Biology and population dynamics of bullet tuna (Auxis rochei) and frigate tuna (Auxis thazard) in Babuyan Channel, Philippines. 11-1, 63-72.
Melanie A. Calicdan-Villarao, Angel B. Encarnacion, Evelyn C. Ame, Milagros C. Morales

Proceedings Mini Review

Recent progress of molecular cytogenetic study on scleractinian (stony) corals. 11-1, 73-81.
Takahiro Taguchi, Erika Tagami, Takuma Mezaki, Satoko Sekida, Yalan Chou, Keryea Soong, Kazuo Okuda, Akira Tominaga, Satoshi Kubota

Outline of the 10th International Kuroshio Science Symposium

“Addressing Coastal Resources Conservation and Food Security through Science-Based Solutions and Innovations” (November 24-26, 2016). 11-1, 82-84.
Paatio De Sa ose, Mallipot, Albay, Philippines

SymposiumProgram. 11-1, 85-89.

Cross-Border Education Session

Integrated Management of Coastal Resources by Marine Protected Areas. 11-1, 89-90.
Plutomeo M. Nieves

Impression of the 10th International Kuroshio Science Symposium

Reports of Participants. 11-1, 90-94.

Research Paper

Effects of water temperature, dissolved oxygen and body mass on the metabolic scope of larvae and juveniles of the nigorobuna carp, Carassius auratus randoculis. 11-1, 97-104.
Hiroki Yamanaka, Motomi Genkai-Kato, Yukihiro Kohmatsu

Editorial Policy and Instructions for Authors

Editorial Policy and Instructions for Authors. 105-106.


Vol.10 No.2

Research Paper

Habitat analysis of the Japanese river otter in relation to the coastline and human population on Shikoku Island. 10-2, 128-135 (in Japanese).
Masaki Sato, Motoki Higa, Motomi Genkai-Kato

Nesting ecology of female loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta) and sand particle size of the nesting sites at Nii and Nino Beaches, Niyodo River mouth, Kochi Prefecture. 10-2, 136-147 (in Japanese).
Maoko Wada, Ryohei Fujimoto, Jun-ya Ooyama, Shohei Kobayashi, Yoshinori Kumazawa, Tomomi Saito

Species diversity of tidal flat biota on Shikoku Island. 10-2, 148-154 (in Japanese).
Tomoya Miura, Kogiku Mori, Tatsuya Fukuda, Gyo Itani, Shizuko Nakai, Osamu Miura

Individual number and biomass of benthic invertebrate communities in streams with special reference to body size range. 10-2, 156-165 (in Japanese).
Mei Miyaji, Mitsuya Inoue, Motomi Genkai-Kato

Research Note

Habitat selection of the Japanese monkey in Nakatosa Town, Kochi Prefecture. 10-2, 166-174 (in Japanese).
Kana Terayama, Yoshinori Kaneshiro, Motomi Genkai-Kato

One example of marine biological practical menu for science teacher training course in Japan: Developmental Biology and Physiology. 10-2, 176-183 (in Japanese).
Tetsuo Harada, Yumi Henmi,Daiki Fujita, Mitsuru Nakajo, Gyo Itani

Habitats of planarians in streams in Kochi Prefecture, Japan. 10-2, 184-189 (in Japanese).
Ryo Utsunomiya, Mitsuya Inoue, Mei Miyaji, Motomi Genkai-Kato


Vol.10 No.1

Foreword & Messages

Message from Organizer. 10-1, 1.
Ching-Nen Nathan Chen

Message to Kuroshio Science. 10-1, 1-2.
Te-Hao Chen

Opening Remarks & Messages to Kuroshio Science

Greetings from tropical Kao-Hsiung. 10-1, 3.
Chau-Chang Wang

Message to Kuroshio Science. 10-1, 3.
Akira Tominaga

Message to Kuroshio Science. 10-1, 4.
Plutomeo Nieves

Towards Ensuring Sustainability of Marine Resouces in The Kuroshio Region. 10-1, 4-5.
Milagros Morales

Message to the Kuroshio Science Consortium. 10-1, 5.
Wilfredo Campos

Keynote Reviews & Reports

Municipal Marine Fisheries Assessment of Batanes Island, Philippines (2009-2013) . 10-1, 7-22.
Milagros C. Morales, Angel B. Encarnacion, Melanie A. Calicdan

Dongsha Atoll Research Station̶A Steady Research Platform in South China Sea. 10-1, 23-27.
Yalan Chou

Community ‒ Local Government and Academic Partnership in Coral Restoration: Does It Work? . 10-1, 29-32.
A.B. Mendoza, Jr., V.S. Soliman, P.M. Nieves, and F. M. Lim

Proceedings Mini Review

CCL1 and IL-1 Induce Damaged Human Colon Epithelial Cells to Produce IL-22 for Autonomous Cure. 10-1, 33-39.
Akira Tominaga, Yuko Konishi, Takahiro Taguchi

Research Papers

Life History and Abundance of the Minute Triplefin, Enneapterygius minutus (Blennioidei, Tripterygiidae), from a Seagrass Tide Pool on Green Island, Taiwan. 10-1, 41-48.
Shao-I Wang, Tsen-Chien Chen, Hin-Kiu Mok

Inhibitory Effects of Bangladeshi Medicinal Plant Leaf Extracts on α-glucosidase Activity. 10-1, 49-57.
Mst Tamanna Niger, Kazhuhiro, Ohtani, Bhuiyan Feroze Ahamed

Regulatory Effects of Five Medicinal Plants used by Dayak Uud Danum in West Kalimantan Indonesia on the Delayed-type Hypersensitivity and the Inflammation of Human Colon Epithelial Cells. 10-1, 59-71.
Yeni Mariani, Fathul Yusro, Yuko Konishi, Takahiro Taguchi, Akira Tominaga

Effects of Medicinal Plants in West Kalimantan Indonesia to Prevent the Damage of Human Colon Epithelial FPCK-1-1 Cells and Regulate the Levels of Blood Glucose and Triacylglycerol of db/db mice. 10-1, 73-88.
Fathul Yusro, Yeni Mariani, Yuko Konishi, Takahiro Taguchi, Mari Tominaga, Satoshi Kubota, Akira Tominaga

Research Report

Climate Change Information and Adaptation In Kuroshio Region’s Vulnerable island. 10-1, 89-103.
Kristian Q. Aldea, Jimmy T. Masagca

Introduction of Taiwanese Literature

See the World through the Compound Eyes. 10-1, 105-106.
Wang Yun-Pin

Cross-Border Education Students’ views on Marine Protected Areas

Introduction. 10-1, 107.
Akira Tominaga

Understanding the Social Intricacies of Marine Protected Areas: An Approach to Sustainable Coastal Resource Management along the Kuroshio Region. 10-1, 108-109.
Emma Legaspi Ballad

Marine Protected Area Establishment: Part of the Solution toward Sustainable Development along Kuroshio Region. 10-1, 109-110.
Renan Ugto Bobiles

Insights of MPAs in Bicol Region, Philippines: Strengthening Community Management for Resource Sustainability. 10-1, 110-111.
Alex Pulvinar Camaya

Man and His Pursuits of Subsistence and Sustainability: An Anthropological Perspective. 10-1, 111-112.
Joshua Rovie L. Daclan

Understanding the Coastal Natural Environment. 10-1, 112-113.
Yumi Henmi

The Role of Habitat Heterogeneity on MPA Design. 10-1, 113-114.
Allyn Duvin S. Pantallano

Seaweed Ecosystem Integration to Marine Protected Areas. 10-1, 114.
Jayvee Ablaña Saco

Editorial Policy and Instructions for Authors. 10-1, 126-127.


Vol.9 No.2

Research Paper

A Project on the Restoration of Damaged Peat Swamp Forest at Biosphere Reserve, Riau Province through Community Empowerment.. 9-2, 88-94.
Wahyu Dwianto, Sukma Surya Kusumah, Fitria, Yohanes Purwanto, Haris Gunawan

Evaluation of Materials on the Curriculum Theme “How can water striders float and stride on the water surface?" as an Effective Experimental Teaching Material in Compulsory Schools. 9-2, 96-106.
Mitsuru Nakajyo, Toshiki Tamura, Shinya Maihara, Kazuo Miyoshi, Fumiko Kojima, Mika Yokota, Tetsuo Harada

Inhibition of α-Glucosidase by Methanol Extracts from Wood Bark of Anacardiaceae, Fabaceae, Malvaceae and Phyllanthaceae Plants Family in West Kalimantan, Indonesia. 9-2, 108-122.
Fathul Yusro, Kazuhiro Ohtani, Satoshi Kubota

Relationships between Body Size, Individual Number and Biomass of Benthic Invertebrates in Summer at Upstream Sites of the Niyodo and Shimanto Rivers. 9-2, 124-136 (in Japanese).
Mei Yamanaka, Mitsuya Inoue, Motomi Genkai-Kato

Research Note

Are Several Village-based Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) Necessary for Conserving CoastalResources in a Municipality? A Case of Municipality of Gonzaga, Cagayan, Philippines. 9-2, 138-149.
Emma L. Ballad, Teruyuki Shinbo

Estimation of Percentage Body Fat in Japanese Subjects at 18 Years of Age and Older. 9-2, 150-155 (in Japanese).
Yuko Ito, Motomi Genkai-Kato

Palatability of Plant Species to Two Goats in an Abandoned Cropland. 9-2, 156-163 (in Japanese).
Makoto Kaki Motomi Genkai-Kato

Protection of Loggerhead Turtle Eggs from Predation by Foxes at Ikumi Beach in Toyo Town, Kochi Prefecture. 9-2, 164-173 (in Japanese).
Yuri Komaki, Syuji Yachimori, Tomomi Saito Motomi Genkai-Kato

Restoration Potentialof a Riparian forest in the Nakanokawa River, Ino, Kochi. 9-2, 174-182 (in Japanese).
Miho Furuta, Motoki Higa, Shingo Ishikawa

Fish and Hermatypic Coral Fauna Observed in Offshore Breakwaters in Nahari town, Eastern Kochi. 9-2, 184-193 (in Japanese).
Atsuko Shibata, TakumaMezaki, Yohei Nakamura

Recovery Process of Understory Vegetation Protected by a Deer Fence. 9-2, 194-200 (in Japanese).
Shingo Ishikawa, Tomohiro Watazu, Minoru Kusumi, Azusa Morimoto, Minami Takano, Ryoya Asano, Motoki Higa

Business Report

The 9th InternationalKuroshio Science Symposium and Kuroshio University League Network Formation through Cross-Border Education to Achieve a Sustainable Society in the Kuroshio Region. 9-2, 212-220 (in Japanese).
Satoshi Kubota, Akira Tominaga

Sakura Science Plan 2015. 9-2, 222-226 (in Japanese).
Akira Tominaga, Satoshi Kubota

Visiting UP Visayas and UP Diliman. 9-2, 228-230 (in Japanese).
Satoshi Kubota, Gyo Itani, Akira Tominaga


Vol.9 No.1


Cross-Border Education and Sustainable Society. 9-1, 1.
Hiroshi Wakiguchi (President of Kochi University)

Opening Remarks

Hirokuni Taguchi, Houng-Yung Chen, Fay Lea Patria M. Lauraya, Hiroyuki Matsuda, Akihiro Takemura, Milagros C. Morales, Yoshiaki Iiguni. 9-1, 2-5.


Academic Linkages Through the Kuroshio Current. 9-1, 6.
Rhodora V. Azanza

Keynote Reports

Cross-Border Education in Kuroshio Region. 9-1, 7-12.
Fay Lea Patria M. Lauraya, Maureen Mamansag-Maceres

Proceedings Special Reports

Reproductive Biology of Christian crabs (Charybdis feriatus, Linnaeus, 1758) in San Miguel Bay, Philippines. 9-1, 13-16.
Plutomeo M. Nieves, Nelson R. Olfindo, Aldrin Mel Macale

Stargazers (Uranoscopidae) have exceptionally more bile. 9-1, 17-26.
Hsu Jung-chen, Hin-Kiu Mok

Cross-Border Education. 9-1, 27-29.
Sonia Yiching Huang

Proceedings Mini Review

Environmental Control of Annual Reproductive Cycle and Spawning Rhythmicity of Spinefoots Archipelago, Indonesia. 9-1, 31-38.
Akihiro Takmerura, Yuki Takeuchi, Taro Ikegami, Sung-Pyo Hur, Victor Soliman, Felix Ayson, Evelyn de Jesus-Ayson, Endang Sri Susilo

The Beauty and Sorrow of a Tropical Paradise: Anthropogenic Pollution in Coastal Water of Kenting National Park, Taiwan. 9-1, 39-44.
Te-Hao Chen

Biodiversity in the Kuroshio Region: Challenges and Trends in the Upstream. 9-1, 45-46.
Kristian Q. Aldea, Minerva I. Morales, Aurora E. Arajo, Jimmy T. Masagca

Suppression of eosinophilia by Petalonia binghamiae polysaccharides may relate to their eotaxin-binding ability. 9-1, 57-64.
Akira Tominaga. Yuko Konishi, Takahiro Taguchi

Research Paper

Sonic-muscle proteomics of ophidiid, glaucosomatid, pempherid and terapontid reveals the physiological and phylogenetic constrains to the sound producing structures. 9-1, 65-79.
Titisari Dian Pertiwi, Wen-Yao Tzeng, Hin-Kiu Mok, Kuo-Hsun Chiu

Summary of the Symposium

Network Formation of the Kuroshio Universities through Cross-Border Education. 9-1, 81-82.
Akira Tominaga

Impression of the Symposium Strengthening Collaboration through Distance Education and Research Extension. 9-1, 83-85.
Alex Pulvinar Camaya

Editorial Policy and Instructions for Authors. 9-1, 86-87.


Vol.8 No.2

Research Paper

Benthic algae and invertebrates in the headwater regions of the Niyodo River, Kochi Prefecture. 8-2, 118-125 (in Japanese).
Mitsuya Inoue, Naoko Ohara,Motomi Genkai-Kato

Current and potential habitats for the Japanese lotic salamander Hynobius hirosei on Shikoku Island. 8-2, 126-135 (in Japanese).
Reo Watanabe, Mitsuya Inoue, Motoki Higa and Motomi Genkai-Kato

Community structure and species-specific spatio-temporal distribution of Corycaeidae (Copepoda) in Tosa Bay. 8-2, 136-147 (in Japanese).
Hiroshi Ueda,Masataka Yuasa

Potential Suitabilty of Coenocytic Green Algae as an Indicator of the Coastal Environment in the Kuroshio Region. 8-2, 148-159.
Ichiro Mine, Angel B. Encarnacion, Aki Kato, Masahiro Suzuki, Ping-Yi Huang, Kazuo Okuda, Satoko Sekida, Yoshinori Morooka

Research Note

Estimation of dietary intake of weeds based on the daily change in body weight and excretion. 8-2, 160-167 (in Japanese).
Shoko Asakaze, Motomi Genkai-Kato

Electron microscopic observations of anchovey larvae "Dorome" after freezing under electric fields and thawing. 8-2, 168-174 (in Japanese).
Satoko Sekida, Kazuo Okuda

Business Report

Activities of young researchers in the Sakura Science Plan and their participation in the 8th Kuroshio Science Symposium (in Japanese).
Mina Hori

Special Feature

The 8th International Symposium on Kuroshio Science: Kuroshio University League Network Formation toward the Establishment of a Sustainable Society in the Kuroshio Region through Cross-Border Education (in Japanese).
1. Introduction
Akira Tominaga
2. Poster
3. Preface
4. Program
5. Abstract


Vol.8 No.1


President of Tanjungpura University Thamrin Usman, DEA

Opening Remarks

Akira Tominaga, Hin-Kiu Mok, Plutomeo Nieves

Keynote Reports

The Impacts of the Alteration in Agriculture on the Environment and Ecosystem in Sarawak, Malaysia. 8-1, 7-14.
Sota Tanaka, Mohd Effendi bin Wasli, Joseph Jawa Kendawang, Katsutoshi Sakurai

Recent Progress in Bioacoustic Research in Taiwan. 8-1, 15-16.
Hin-Kiu Mok

Turning the Tide towards Enhanced Ecosystem Management and Conservation in the Kuroshio Region: the Philippine Perspectives. 8-1, 17-23.
Plutomeo M. Nieves

Proceedings Special Reports

Rapid Screening for Cytotoxicity and Group Identification of Secondary Metabolites in Methanol Extract from Four Sponge Species Found in Kapoposang Island, Spermonde Archipelago, Indonesia. 8-1, 25-31.
Ajuk Sapar, Alfian Noor, Nunuk Hariani Soekamto, Ahyar Ahmad

Inventory of Medicinal Plants for Fever Used by Four Dayak Sub Ethnic in West Kalimantan Province Indonesia. 8-1, 33-38.
Fathul Yusro, Yeni Mariani, Farah Diba, Kazuhiro Ohtani

The Status of Tenualosa toli (Valenciennes, 1847) in the South-west Coast of Sarawak, Malaysia. 8-1, 39-44.
Khairul Adha A. Rahim, Mohamad Hambali Tumiran, Shabdin Mohd. Long, Yuzine Esa, Awang Ahmad Sallehin Awang Husaini

Preliminary Assessment on the Growth Performance of Dryobalanops beccarii Dyer Planted under Enrichment Planting Technique at Gunung Apeng Forest Reserve, Sarawak, Malaysia. 8-1, 45-52.
Mohd Effendi Wasli, Hamsawi Sani, Ho Soo Ying, Mugunthan Perumal, Zatil Aisyah Zainudin, Jonathan Lat, Lee Pick Sean

Fish Fauna and Fisheries in the Coastal Waters of Similajau, Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia. 8-1, 53-57.
Lee Nyanti, Jongkar Grinang, James Bali, Norhadi Ismail

Risk of Acquiring Vibrio parahaemolyticus in Water and Shrimp from an Aquaculture Farm. 8-1, 59-62.
Chai Fung Pui, Lesley Maurice Bilung, Nur Bainun Mohd Zin, Nurulhuda Najihah Binti Zainal Abidin, Micky Vincent, Kasing Apun

Species Composition and Stand Structure of an Exploited Mangrove Forest. 8-1, 63-67.
Ismail Jusoh, Muhammad Anuar Aziz

Summaries of Sessions

Management of Forest Fire, Palm Oil Plantation, and Peat Soil. 8-1, 69-70-.
Augustine Lumangkun, A. B. Tandililing, Ari Krisno Hadi, Maswadi, Novira Kusrini, Gusti Zakaria Anshari, M. Afifudin, E. Gusmayanti

Human Health and Biodiversity of Natural Resources in Kuroshio Region. 8-1, 71-72.
Chiu-Chin Lu, Hin-Kiu Mok, Hurng-Wern Huang, Chao-Neng Tseng, Awang Ahmad Sallehin Awang Husaini, Soo Hui Yin, Ngieng Ngui Sing, Azham Zulkharnain, Hairul Azman Roslan, Lesley Maurice Bilung, Velnetti Linang, Micky Vincent, Kasing Apun, Mohd Tajuddin Abdullah, Farah Diba, Ferry Hadary, Seno Darmawan Panjaitan, Tsuyoshi Yoshimura, Madinah, A., Mariana, A., M.T. Abdullah

Review Articles

Sarawak Coastal Biodiversity: A Current Status. 8-1, 73-86.
Shabdin Mohd. Long

Economic Analysis of Climate Change Adaptation Options in Selected Coastal Areas of Cagayan, the Philippines. 8-1, 87-99.
Evelyn C. Ame, Rowena Guzman, Jezreel Pataguan, Urdujah A. Tejada

Proceedings Mini Review

Spirulina Complex Polysaccharides Suppress the Growth of Glioma in T Lymphocyte- and Macrophage-dependent Manner. 8-1, 101-108-.
Akira Tominaga, Yu Kawanishi, Takahiro Taguchi, Toshio Yawata, Hiromi Okuyama, Yutaka Kusumoto, Shiro Ono, Keiji Shimizu

Parasitic Crustaceans and Marine Invasions: Two Case Studies from Kuroshio Region. 8-1, 109-112.
Gyo Itani, Chiharu Yamada, Hodaka Asama, Yumi Henmi, Hiroshi Kume, John W. Chapman

Impression of the Symposium

The 7th International Symposium on Kuroshio Science
Charles P.H. Simanjuntak


Vol.7 No.2

Research Paper

Fish Diversity and Fishery Status in the Ba Che and Tien Yen Rivers, northern Vietnam, with Consideration on Factors Causing Recent Decline of Fishery Products. 7-2, 113-122.
Tran Duc Hau, Ta Thi Thu

Benthic Invertebrates and Attached Algae in the Upstream Region of the Shimanto River, Kochi Prefecture. 7-2, 123-131 (in Japanese).
Hazuki Eguchi, Kazuma Ishida, Mitsuya Inoue, Motomi Genkai-Kato

Proposal My Sea-vegetation. 7-2, 133-174 (in Japanese).
Masakazu Tatewaki

Special Feature

Kuroshio Symposium: Kuroshio Science – Progress of 10 years and Problems to be solved. 7-2, 175-194 (in Japanese).
1. Introduction
2. Prospectus: Kuroshio Science – Progress of 10 years and Problems to be solved
3. Contents of Symposium
4. Address of the President of Kochi University
Hiroshi Wakiguchi
5. Lecture 1: Interdisciplinary and International Approaches of an Area Study: Creation of a New Horizon
Yasuyuki Kohno
6. Lecture 2: A New Role of Knowledge Community toward a Sustainable Society: from the Viewpoint of Global Warming
Shuzo Nishioka
7. Summary of Discussion and Conclusion


Vol.7 No.1


Hiroshi Wakiguchi

Opening Remarks

Fay Lea Patria, M. Lauraya Houng-Yung Chen, Yoshiaki Iiguni

Summary Report of the 6th International Kuroshio Conference

Plutomeo Nieves, Kazuo Okuda, Akira Tominaga and Yoshinori Morooka

Keynote Reports

Anti-diabetic Effects of Algae with a Sustainable Society in View: In Focus on Regulatory T Cells and the Flora of Intestinal Bacteria. 7-1, 17-29.
Akira Tominaga, Masanori Hiraoka, Ryosaku Kinoshita and Takahiro Taguchi

Managing at the ‘Root’ of Kuroshio. 7-1, 31-39.
Victor S. Soliman


Status of Elvers Fisheries in Cagayan Province, Luzon, Philippines. 7-1, 41-48.
Evelyn C. Ame, Jovita P. Ayson and Reynaldo B. Ame

Community Structure of Macroalgae of Lagonoy Gulf, Bicol Region, Philippines. 7-1, 49-57.
Antonino B. Mendoza, Jr. and Victor S. Soliman

Research Notes

Capture Fisheries Assessment of Commercially Important Marine Crabs in Sorsogon Bay and San Miguel Bay. 7-1, 59-67.
Plutomeo M. Nieves, Skorzeny de Jesus, Maria Aurea B. Guiriba, Aldrin Mel B. Macale, Shiela Belen and Gemma Corral

Outlook for SMI and Implementation of MPA's. 7-1, 69-74.
Plutomeo M. Nieves

Inventory and Biodiversity of Medicinal Plants from Tropical Rain Forest Based on Traditional Knowledge by Ethnic Dayaknese Communities in West Kalimantan Indonesia. 7-1, 75-80.
Farah Diba, Fathul Yusro, Yeni Mariani and Kazuhiro Ohtani

The Influence of Alien Fish Species on Native Fish Community Structure in Malaysian Waters. 7-1, 81-93.
Khairul Adha A. Rahim, Yuzine Esa and Aziz Arshad

Exploring Local Coastal Recreational Tourism as a Potential Strategy to Support Changing Agriculture in the Typhoon-Prone Small Island of San Miguel, Tabaco, Albay, Bicol Region. 7-1, 95-102.
Raul G. Bradecina, Teruyuki Shinbo and Plutomeo M. Nieves

Study Report

Sequence-based Phylogeography of Seaweeds: How Current Distribution is Shaped by Accumulation of Past?. 7-1, 103-106.
Felix Bast

Letter from GSKS Alumni

Life in Japan and Canada
Saharia Kanak

Importance of Kuroshio-related Joint Studies via a Cross-Sectorial Approach
Shashank Keshavmurthy

A Step Towards Interdisciplinary Education in Environmental Studies
Mohd. Effendi bin Wasli


Vol.6 No.2


Anti-allergic, Anti-diabetic, Anti-tumor Effects of Algae with a Sustainable Society In View. 6-2, 166-173 (in Japanese).
Akira Tominaga, Masanori Hiraoka and Takahiro Taguchi

West Border Region of Medieval Japan and Kuroshio Triangle – Based on the Research of Iwojima, Mishima-Mura, Kagoshima Prefecture –. 6-2, 174-187 (in Japanese).
Takao Ichimura

Perspective on issues of land property right in Monsoon Asia. 6-2, 188-193 (in Japanese)
Yoshiaki Iiguni

Research Paper

Benthic Environment and Fish Assemblages at the Water in Front of Yokonami Rinkai Experimental Station in Kochi, Western Japan. 6-2, 194-206 (in Japanese).
Tsubasa Kimura, Kohtaro Abe, Takuya Matsumoto and Yohei Nakamura

Research Paper (Short)

Benthic Invertebrates and Attached Algae in the Upstream Region of the Kagami River, Kochi Prefecture. 6-2, 208-216 (in Japanese).
Yukiko Onishi and Motomi Genkai-Kato

Factors affecting the existence of the Japanese river otter in the Shinjo River, Kochi Prefecture. 6-2, 218-228 (in Japanese).
Masaki Sato and Motomi Genkai-Kato

Appearance of whales in whale watching in relation to meteorological and tidal conditions in Tosa Bay off Kochi. 6-2, 230-236 (in Japanese).
Chiko Miyoshi and Motomi Genkai-Kato

Research Note

New record of the Japanese mud shrimp, Upogebia major, from Kochi Prefecture, Japan. 6-2, 238-242 (in Japanese).
Ayumi Sato, Junichi Morinaga, Yumi Henmi and Gyo Itani

Molecular cytogenetic study on scleractinian coral, Acropora solitaryensis. 6-2, 244-248 (in Japanese).
Takahiro Taguchi


Vol.6 No.1


Hin-Kiu Mok

Opening Remarks

Houng-Yung Chen, Kazuo Okuda, Ninfa Pelea

Summary Report of the 5th Joint Kuroshio Symposium (Session I, III, IV, V, VI)

Adaptation to Climate and Socio-economic Changes. 6-1, 6-16.
Hin-Kiu Mok, Keryea Soong, Shui-Kai Chang, Akira Tominaga, Tse-Min Lee and Jeng-Di Lee

Special Summary Report (Session II)

Effects of Climate Change on Marine, Land and Mountainous Areas in Kuroshio-Related Countries. 6-1, 17-23.
Yoshinori Morooka, Chaolun Allen Chen, Reika Abe

Special Report

Houbihu MPA, the First One Beyond the Paper, in Taiwan. 6-1, 25-26.
Keryea Soong

Keynote Reports

Turbulent Mixing of the Kuroshio Waters Southeast Taiwan. 6-1, 27-34.
Ruo-Shan Tseng, Huang-Jie Shao, Yu-China Chang, and Luca Centurioni

Socio-economic, Ecological and Institutional Impacts of Super Typhoon Reming on a Community - based Mangrove Rehabilitation Project in Malinao, Albay, Philippines. 6-1, 35-57.
Raul G. Bradecina, Plutomeo M. Nieves, Ma. Josefa Pelea, Teruyuki Shinbo and Yoshinori Morooka

Current Status of the Marine Ecosystem and their Vulnerability under the Climate Changes Impacts in the Catba World Biosphere Reserve. 6-1, 59-66.
Nguyen Van Quan


Perceptions of Local Residents of the Value of Marine Resources and Protected Areas: The Case of San Miguel Island, Bicol. 6-1, 67-74.
Cheryll C. Launio, Teruyuki Shinbo, Plutomeo M. Nieves and Yoshinori Morooka

Dolphinfish Fisheries in Batanes: Coping with Climate Change through Mataw Fishing Tradition. 6-1, 75-81.
Evelyn C. Ame, Maureen A. Aragon Jovita P. Ayson and Reynaldo B. Ame

Review Articles

Distribution of Fiddler Crabs in East Asia, with a Note on the Effect of the Kuroshio Current. 6-1, 83-89.
Hsi-Te Shih

Uncontrolled Propagation of a Transplanted Aquaculture Catfish in Cuba and its utilization for Human Food. 6-1, 91-99.
Satoshi Kubota, Yu Yamamoto, Andres M. Hurtado Consuegra, Bunji Yoshitomi, Yohei Nakamura, Mina Hori, Kazuhiro Otani, Kosaku Yamaoka and Masayuki Mac Takahashi

Novel Renewable Natural Resource of Deep Ocean Water (DOW) and their Current and Future Practical Applications. 6-1, 101-113.
Masayuki Mac Takahashi and Ping-Yi Huang

Ulva as a Model for the Study of Environmental Stress in Intertidal Macroalagae. 6-1, 115-119.
Tse-Min Lee, Tsure-Meng Wu, Ming-Shiuan Sung, Yi-Ting Hsu and Kuan-Lin Ho

Coastal Conficts and Natural Resoures Management is Ponaso no Tao-An Institutional Aspect. 6-1, 121-128.
Jeng-Di Lee and Victoriya Venediktova et al.

Research Notes

Marine Macro-algal Flora of Orchid Island, Taiwan. 6-1, 129-144.
Showe-Mei Lin

Establishment of a New Culture Model of Intestinal Inflammation: Autonomous Cure of Damaged Human Colon Epithelial FPCK-1-1 Cells. 6-1, 145-154.
Akira Tominaga, Yuko Konishi and Tkahiro Tabushi

Impression of the Symposium

Tran Duc Han and Victoriya Venediktova


Vol.5 No.2

Research Report

Nutrient, phytoplankton and harmful algal blooms in the shrimp culture ponds in Thailand. 5-2, 129-136.
Teeyaporn Keawtawee, Kimio Fukami, Putth Songsangjinda,and Pensri Muangyao

Fisheries on Mesopodopsis (Mysida: Mysidae) and Acetes (Decapoda: Sergestidae) in Indonesia. 5-2, 137-146.
Rose O. S. E. Mantiri, Susumu Ohtsuka and Shozo Sawamoto

Effects of pasturing of an immature goat on weed control in an abandoned cropland. 5-2, 147-154 (in Japanese).
Hikari Ushiro and Motomi Genkai-Kato

Geckoes, frogs, and insect communities on lighted vending machines at midnight. 5-2, 155-159 (in Japanese).
Reo Watanabe and Motomi Genkai-Kato

Variations in body weight and body composition with special attention to body fat in humans. 5-2, 161-167 (in Japanese).
Takuya Oka and Motomi Genkai-Kato

Research Note

The weather at the time of the East Japan great earthquake disaster - Mainly in the case of Sendai plains - . 5-2, 169-174
Osamu Chiba, Fumiaki Kobayashi and Masaki Kaneda

●Cuba special edition

Research Paper

Ecology of the African catfish Clarias gariepinus in the Zapata Swamp, south-central Cuba. 5-2, 175-185 (in Japanese).
Yu Yamamoto, Andrés M. Hurtado Consuegra, Yohei Nakamura,Satoshi Kubota and Kosaku Yamaoka

Research Note

Potential of the African catfish Clarias gariepinus as a food resource in Cuba. 5-2, 187-196 (in Japanese).
Yu Yamamoto, Satoshi Kubota and Kosaku Yamaoka

Utilization of African catfish caught in Zapata Swamp, Cuba. 5-2, 197-209 (in Japanese).
Satoshi Kubota, Bunji Yoshitomi, Andrés M. Hurtado Consuegra,Kazuhiro Ohtani, Yohei Nakamura, Mina Hori, Yu Yamamoto,and Kosaku Yamaoka

Keynote Report

Research record in Cuba. 5-2, 211-215 (in Japanese).
Kazuhiro Ohtani, Satoshi Kubota, Kosaku Yamaoka,and Masayuki Mac Takahashi

The Editor's Notes

Kosaku Yamaoka


Vol.5 No.1


Kazuo Okuda

Opening Remarks

Hiyoshizo Kotsuki Hin-Kiu Mok Jovita P. Ayson

Summary Report on the 4th Joint Kuroshio Symposium

Effects of Recent Societal Changes on the Natural Environment in the Kuroshio-Related S-Shaped Zone. 5-1, 9-16.
Akira Tominaga, Hin-Kiu Mok and Yoshinori Morooka

Keynote Reports

From the Kuroshio Triangle to the Kuroshio- Related S-Shaped Zone: Introductory Remarks for the 4th Symposium. 5-1, 17-21.
Yoshinori Morooka and Akira Tominaga

Effects of Natural and Socio-Economic Changes on Coastal and Upland Ecosystems in San Miguel Island, Albay, Philippines. 5-1, 23-28.
Plutomeo M. Nieves and Raul G. Bradecina

Hagfish Conservation Needed in Taiwan. 5-1, 29-32.
Kuo-Hsun Chiu and Hin-Kiu Mok

Regime Shifts in Response to Human Impacts and Management in Ecosystem. 5-1, 33-37.
Motomi Genkai-Kato


Cytoskeletal and Ultrastructural Studies in Regenerating Cells from the Protoplaste of Valonia (Siphonocladate, Chlorophyseae). 5-1, 39-49.
Paul Rommel Elvira and Kazuo Okuda

Underwater Ambient Biological Noise in the Waters on the West Coast of Taiwan. 5-1, 51-57.
Hin-Kiu Mok, Szu-Ying Lim and Kai-En Tsai

Effects of Edible Algae on Immune Responses: Algae Polysaccharides Regulate Delayed-type Hypersensitivity and Tumor Growth. 5-1, 59-65.
Akira Tominaga, Teruyuki Fujii, Hiromi Okuyama, Takahiro Taguchi, Yutaka Kusumoto and Shiro Ono

Article on Special Topic

Soil and Vegetation Condition of Natural Forests and Secondary Fallow Forests within Batang Ai National Park Boundary, Sarawak, Malaysia. 5-1, 67-76.
Mohd Effendi Wasli, Sota Tanaka, Joseph Jawa Kendawang, Arifin Abdu, Jonathan Lat, Yoshinori Morooka, Shabdin Mohd Long and Katsutoshi Sakurai

Research Notes

Management of the Nypa Managrove as a Mitigating Measure against Resource Over- Utilization in Pamplona, Cagayan. 5-1, 77-85.
Reynaldo B. Ame, Evelyn C. Ame and Jovita P. Ayson

Razor Clam(Solen spp.) Fishery in Sarawak, Malaysia. 5-1, 87-94.
Siti Akmar Khadijah Ab. Rahim

Book Mini-Review

Genetics, Genomics and Breeding of Soybean
Paul Rommel Elvira

Collaboration Net News

(1) The International Collaboration Office at BUTC
Maria Corazon P. Rivero

(2) The Fish Health Laboratory at DA-BFAR RO2
Evelyn C. Ame


Vol.4 No.2

Research Report

Medicinal plants and traditional therapy on Batan Island, the Philippines: Prospects and problems for self-medication using local herbs. 4-2, 131-151 (in Japanese).
Reika Abe, Kazuhiro Ohtani and Yoshinori Morooka

Pelagic larval duration of juveniles of Chaetodon speculum recruiting to Tosa Bay. 4-2, 153-158 (in Japanese).
Sosuke OGURI, Tomonori HIRATA, Yohei NAKAMURA,and Kosaku YAMAOKA

Territory and feeding habit of juvenile red sea bream at littoral boulder area. 4-2, 159-167 (in Japanese)
Kenta TOMIOKA, Sinsuke OHMAE, Fumihiko ABE,and Kosaku YAMAOKA

Utilization of the non-indigenous mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis by the native pea crab Arcotheres sinensis in 1930s revealed from the specimens in the museum of the Seto Marine Biological Laboratory, Kyoto University. 4-2, 169-174 (in Japanese).
Gyo ITANI, Chiharu YAMADA, and Tetsuya WATANABE

Preliminary study of food habits in the Japanese clawed salamander larvae (Onychodactylus japonicus) in a mountain brook of the Kiso River system. 4-2, 175-181.
Teruhiko Takahara, Motomi Genkai-Kato, Hitoshi Miyasaka and Yukihiro Kohmatsu

The Editor's Notes


Vol.4 No.1


Yoshinori Morooka

Opening Remarks

Fay Lea Patria M. Lauraya, Shimpei Inoue and Plutomeo M. Nieves

Summary Report on the 3rd Joint Kuroshio Symposium / Record of Discussion

Plutomeo M. Nieves, Kazuo Okuda, Tse-Min Lee and Yoshinori Morooka

Keynote Reports

Six Years of Kuroshio-related Studies among Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines: Special reference to the study achievements of the Kochi Survey Team. 4-1, 18-26.
Yoshinori Morooka and Kazuo Okuda

An Assessment of Macro-Invertebrate Gleaning in Fisheries on the Albay side of Lagonoy Gulf. 4-1, 27-35.
Plutomeo M. Nieves, Skorzeny C. de Jesus, Aldrin Mel B. Macale and Josefa Maria D. Pelea

Passive Acoustic Monitoring for Estuarine Soniferous Fishes. 4-1, 37-42.
Hin-Kiu, Mok

Research Notes

Assessment of the Ecological Habitats of Bacon District, Sorsogon City in the Philippines. 4-1, 43-52.
Skorzeny C. de Jesus, Ronnel R. Dioneda, Ida H. Revale, Arnelyn D. Doloiras, Arnel L. Nolial, Angelito Ocampo and Diana S. Alcazar

Porphyra Fisheries in the Northern Philippines: Some environmental issues and the socio-economic impact on the Ilocano Fisherfork. 4-1, 53-58.
Evelyn C. Ame, Jovita P. Ayson, Kazuo Okuda and Rolando Andres

Socio-Economic Conditions, Attitudes and Perceptions on Marine Protected Areas in San Miguel Island, Albay, Philippines. 4-1, 59-64.
Maria Corazon P. Rivero, Plutomeo M. Nieves, Ninfa R. Pelea and Teruyuki Shinbo


The Role of Ocean Environments in the History of the East Asian Seas. 4-1, 65-72.
Hiroshi Yoshio

Research on Strategies for Promoting the "Early to Bed, Early to Rise, and Don't Forget Your Breakfast" Campaign: Applying a breakfast Tryptophan index to dietary education. 4-1, 73-79.
Miyo Nakade, Hitomi Takeuchi and Tetsuo Harada

Article on Special Topic

Migration of Internationally Educated Nurses from Southeast Asia to Japan: Proposals on educational supports to combat brain loss in Japan. 4-1, 81-94.
Masako Itami, Yoshinori Morooka and Kiyoshi Itami


Vol.3 No.2

Research Paper

The characteristic temperature change found at Susaki-city, Kochi prefecture in the summer season (from July to September) - Penetration of "branched sea breeze" - . 3-2, 124-129 (in Japanese).
Osamu Chiba and Ken-ichi Komi

Breeding of pirarucu Arapaima gigas with an enclosed culture system contributing to the realization of sustainable aquaculture. 3-2, 130-136 (in Japanese).
Ichiro Nagano, Bunji Yoshitomi and Syun-ichirou Oshima

A comparison of the reproductive seasons of three mytilid species in Uranouchi Inlet, Kochi, Japan. 3-2, 138-143 (in Japanese).
Chiharu YAMADA, Taro KAKIO, Hiroshige KURITA,and Gyo ITANI

Symposium Keynote Lecture

Risk factors related with food in Japan. 3-2, 144-148 (in Japanese).
Akifumi Murase

Art Essay

The Colours of Kochi 土佐の色. 3-2, 150-152.
Joanna Dorothy Hare

Introduction of a Research and Educational Institution

Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences. 3-2, 154-155 (in Japanese).
Akira Tominaga


Vol.3 No.1


Yoshinori Morooka

Opening Remark

Kazuo Okuda

Summary Report on the 2nd Joint Kuroshio Symposium

Summary Report on the 2nd Joint Kuroshio Symposium - Biodiversity in Kuroshio Waters - . 3-1, 7-14.
Yoshinori Morooka, S. Jegatheesan, Hin-Kiu Mok, Tse-Min Lee, Plutomeo M. Nieves and Kazuo Okuda

Keynote Reports

Taiwan as a Connective Stepping-stone in the Kuroshio Traiangle and the Conservation of Coral Ecosystems under the Impacts of Climate Change. 3-1, 15-22.
Chaolun A. Chen and K. Shashank

Socio-Economic Condi-tions, the Status of Fish-eries and Agriculture and the Adaptive Capacities of Households and Communities in San Mi-guel Island, Albay, Phil-ippines in the Kuroshio Sphere of Influence. 3-1, 23-32.
Plutomeo M. Nieves, Ninfa R. Pelea, Raul G. Bradecina, Myrna A. Pereyra, Yoshinori Morooka, Teruyuki Shinbo and Maria Corazon P. Rivero

Fish Fauna under Coral Communities in Kuroshio Waters around Kashiwajima Island in Kochi, Japan. 3-1, 33-38.
Masaru Kanda

Research notes

Status of Seagrass Eco-systems in the Kuroshio Region: Seagrass decline and challenges for future conservation. 3-1, 39-44.
Yohei Nakamura

Atmospheric Transport of Anthropogenic Pollutants to the Kuroshio Current near Orchid Island, Tai-wan. 3-1, 45-48.
Chon-Lin Lee, Meng-Der Fang, Hu-Ching Huang, Bing-Sian Lin, Hin-Kiu Mok and Wan-Ching Nung

The Decline of Ecklonia cava in Kochi, Japan and the Challenge in Marine Afforestation. 3-1, 49-54.
Hiroko Haraguchi, Kouki Tanaka, Zenji Imoto and Masanori Hiraoka

Preliminary Assessment of the Seagrass Resources in the Northern Philippines. 3-1, 55-61.
Evelyn C. Ame and Jovita P. Ayson


Temporal Dynamics of Rocky-shore Macroalgal Assem-blage Structures in Relatin to Coastal Construction Threats in Orchard Island (Taiwan): Impacts of turbidity and nutrients on the blooms of Galaxaura oblongata and a red alga-sponge symbiose Ceratodictyon/Haliclona. 3-1, 63-80.
Shih-Wei Su, I-Chi Chung and Tse-Min Lee

Student Lobbies

Health Benefits and Cultural Role of Sodabushi in To-sashimizu, Kochi. 3-1, 81-83.
Chika Kihara and Toshitaka Kuramatsu

Essay Contest: Results and Comments

Essays: The Kuroshio and Me
Renan U. Bobiles, Maria C. P. Rivero, Alex P. Camaya, Jonel M. Corral and Vivien G. Borbe


Vol.2 No.2

Research Report

A Direction Towards Sustainable Fish Feeding Culture with Least Material Loading in Semi-enclosed Seas. 2-2, 129-138.
Ping-Yi Huang, Kazuo Okuda and Masayuki Mac Takahashi

Recent Change of the Sea Breeze over the Coastal Area of the Tosa Bay–Consideration about the Influence of the Sea Surface Temperature–. 2-2, 139-144 (in Japanese).
Osamu Chiba

Overfishing of Three Siganid Species (Family: Siganidae) in Lagonoy Gulf, Philippines. 2-2, 145-150.
Victor S. Soliman, Renan U. Bobiles and Kosaku Yamaoka

Cellular Morphogenesis in Valonia sp.: with Emphasis on the Formation of Lenticular and Rhizoid Cells. 2-2, 151-159.
Alex P. Camaya and Kazuo Okuda

Review Article

The Tin Whistle and the Shakuhachi: a Comparison and Contrast of Two Flutes from the Opposite Ends of Eurasia. 2-2, 161-173.
Daniel B. Ribble


Mystery of the Aurora. 2-2, 175-178 (in Japanese).
Syun-Ichi Akasofu

Symposium Keynote Lecture

For the Purpose of Avoiding Unnecessary Countermeasures against Climate Change: Distinguishing its Natural and Manmade Causes. 2-2, 179-182 (in Japanese).
Syun-Ichi Akasofu


Vol.2 No.1


Yoshinori Morooka

Opening Remarks

Masayuki Takahashi

Summary report on the Joint Kuroshio Workshop

S. Jegatheesan, Yoshinori Morooka and Kazuo Okuda. 2-1, 7-10.

Introductory Note

Framework of the Joint Kuroshio Workshop. 2-1, 11-13.
Yoshinori Morooka

Keynote Address

Coastal environment and seaweed-bed ecology in Japan. 2-1, 15-20.
Kazuo Okuda

Ecological environment in the area along the Kuroshio in Taiwan. 2-1, 21-27.
Hin-Kiu Mok

Recent advances in the management of marine protected areas in the Philippines. 2-1, 29-34.
Wilfredo L. Campos and Porfirio M. Aliño

Country Reports

Biological interactions during the life history of seaweed - A microscopic review - . 2-1, 35-40.
Ichiro Mine

Recent changes in the distribution of Sargassum species in Kochi, Japan. 2-1, 41-46.
Hiroko Haraguchi and Satoko Sekida

Roles of temperature and precipitation on geographic difference of intertidal macroalgal abundance and assemblage structure along Taiwan's Coast. 2-1, 47-58.
Tse-Min Lee and Jing-Ying Wu

Marine resources in areas along the Kuroshio in the Cagayan Valley Region, Philippines. 2-1, 59-66.
Jovita P. Ayson and Angel B. Encarnacion

Seaweed-associated fishes of Lagonoy Gulf in Bicol, the Philippines -with emphasis on Siganids (Teleoptei: Siganidae)-. 2-1, 67-72.
Victor S. Soliman, Antonino B. Mendoza Jr. and Kosaku Yamaoka

Interrelationships among seaweed, fish, hermatypic coral and sea urchin in the Yokonami research site near Kochi city. 2-1, 73-76.
Kosaku Yamaoka

Rethinking the sea as commons - from a case of the "Coral Sea" of Kashiwajima Island, Kochi, Japan - . 2-1, 77-83.
Sinbo Teruyuki

Socioeconomic conditions and governance in the Atulayan Bay Marine Protected Area. 2-1, 85-92.
Raul G. Bradecina

Maritime policies for the protection of the coastal environment in the Philippines - with reference to seaweed-based ecosystem in the Marine Protected Area -.. 2-1, 93-102.
Yoshinori Morooka, Raul G. Bradecina, Teruyuki Shinbo, Yoshiaki Iiguni and Cheryll C. Launio

Record of Discussion

Environmental education rooted in the local area of Kashiwajima Island, Otsuki, Kochi. 2-1, 111-116.
Masaru Kanda


Vol.1 No.2

Kuroshio Science, Announcement of a new journal

Research Report

Multi-dimensional utilization of marine biomass resource: Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba Dana). 1-2, 56-71 (in Japanese).
Bunji Yoshitomi, Syun-ichiro Oshima and Masayuki Mac Takahashi

Project Report

An integrated nutrition care network. -Social trial for establishment of total health support system based on food and nutrition. 1-2, 72-87 (in Japanese).
Satoshi Kubota, Hiromi Kawai, Hanako Kawakami, Kimiko Hosokawa, Hiromi Kataoka, Tomomi Ageta, Suma Takeshima, Nana Kawakami, Yukiko Kawakami, Kazuko Uemura, Kei Ishiguro, Michiyo Suzuki, Kahori Morisawa, Nobuhumi Yasuda, Seisho Takeuchi, Satoshi Ishizuka and Shu Kuramoto

Fieldwork Research Report 1

Nutrient dynamics of Hinoki (Chamaecyparis obtuse) and Bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens) forest soils in Naruyama, Kochi Prefecture. 1-2, 88-95 (in Japanese).
Sota Tanaka

Fieldwork Research Report 2

Supply of Inorganic Nutrients to River Water from Forest Soil and its Effects on Microalgae in Niyodo River, Kochi Prefecture. 1-2, 96-104 (in Japanese).
Kimio Fukami, Hiroshi Tamaki and Goro Nigi

Fieldwork Research Report 3

Conservation of the plant species diversity of terraced paddy fields and surrounding habitats in rural mountainous areas. 1-2, 106-110 (in Japanese).
Singo Ishikawa

Fieldwork Research Report 4

Environmental Education Rooted On The Local Area in Kashiwajima Island, Otsuki-town. 1-2, 112-119 (in Japanese).
Masaru Kanda

Fieldwork Research Report 5

Large-scale Landslide Caused by Debris Avalanche at Guinsaugon Village in Southern Leyte, Philippines : Report of On-Site Field Investigation. 1-2, 120-126 (in Japanese).
Shin-ichi Yoshikura, Masanori Murai, Eddie L. Listanco and Yoshinori Morooka

Book Review

Charm of Black Current. 1-2, 128 (in Japanese).
Shizuo Tsunogai


Vol.1 No.1

Kuroshio Science, Announcement of a new journal

Research Report

Importance of self-sufficiency of food for a given region and an estimation of self-sufficiency of fish food in City Muroto of Kochi Prefecture. 1-1, 1-16 (in Japanese).
Syusuke Inoue and Masayuki Mac Takahashi

Review Article

Mountain meteorology over the Shikoku Island. 1-1, 17-33 (in Japanese).
Osamu Chiba

Field Project Report

Sustainable Resource Management for the Protection of Seaweed-based Eco-system in the Coastal Area along Kuroshio Current: Perspective of Marine Resource Protection Policy and Coastal Environment in the Philippines (1). 1-1, 35-50 (in Japanese).
Yoshinori Morooka, Teruyuki Shimbo, Kazuo Okuda, Kosaku Yamaoka, Yoshiaki Iiguni, Satoko Sekida, Hiroko Haraguchi, Xiaobo Lou, Tanangonan Jean, and Kumi Yasunobu


Introduction to "Yokonami Rinkai Experimental Station", a new field site for Kochi and Kyoto Universities. 1-1, 51-55 (in Japanese).
Kosaku Yamaoka