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Regional Contribution

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Regional cooperation


Public engagement

We are bringing the general public’s attention to our research and eduacation by collaboration with organizations and institutions in Kochi Prefecture, particularly through the Muroto Global Geopark of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and through the Kochi Mirai Science Museum. We also offer facility tours and special lectures in the Kochi Core Center, and we organize an open day (for general access) every year.


Facility Tour

As part of our outreach activities, we offer facility tours for visitors whose scientific activities are related to our center’s objectives. A typical tour, which lasts about an hour, consists of a general introduction to our scientific equipment and research areas, but tour content can be arranged according to specific needs. We accept requests from researchers and educators who wish to combine a facility tour and Earth-science lectures.

For research and education institutions
Two options are available: (a) tour only or (b) tour plus lecture and practical training.
Fill in the application form.

For others (e.g. company)
We only accept request for facility tour.

Please submit your request at least one month ahead for “tour only” and three months ahead for the combo “tour plus lecture”.
We only accept requests only from groups (i.e., classes or organizations), not individuals.
We take pictures during tours for our activity record. We kindly ask permission, regarding image right, to use any such pictures when needed for our activity record. We appreciate your cooperation.

Contact information

Marine Core Research Institute, Kochi University
B200 Monobe, Nankoku,
783-8502 Kochi, Japan
Phone: +81-(0)88-864-6712 (in Japanese only)
Fax: +81-(0)88-864-6713
E-Mail: kk21[※]
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Open Day

The CMCR, Kochi University, is open to the public once a year during the campus day, which is held on November the 3rd. Our theme is “Seeing, touching, understanding Earth drilling science’’. In addition to a facility tour, we offer exhibits and activities related to Earth drilling science and to our specific research fields. This event is jointly organized with JAMSTEC.

Past Events
(related links/reports are in Japanese only).


Monobe Campus open day


Monobe Campus open day report


Monobe Campus open day report


Kochi University Open day


Summer Open Campus for Kochi University report


Kochi Core Center Lecture

Special lectures and science experiments open to the public are provided by the Kochi Core Center, jointly organized by the CMCR, Kochi University, and JAMSTEC’s Kochi Institute for Core Sample Research. While a different topic is chosen every year, the offerings focus on ocean sciences. In 2018, the lectures were renamed “Science Festa” and are now held in Kochi City at the Kochi Mirai Science Museum.

Past Events

2017/12/23 6th Kochi Core Center Lecture


2014/02/01 2nd Kochi Core Center Lecture

「海からの め・ぐ・み ~海は宝の山~」

2013/03/09 1st Kochi Core Center Lecture



Regional cooperation

Our research center cooperates with the Muroto UNESCO Global Geopark Promotion Council to produce exhibitions and special events that they organize. A Kochi University satellite laboratory has been established in the Geopark Center to promote joint research on local nature and disaster prevention. Through the Kochi Prefectural Board of Education, we are cooperating with Muroto High School on the “High School Education Reform Promotion Project Through Collaboration With the Community”.
In addition, a partnership agreement with the Kochi Mirai Science Center was set up in July 2018 to organize joint exhibitions and science classes at the museum. We manage a permanent exhibition at the museum called "Space, Earth, and Science Experiment Zone". We also hold workshops in the Otepia Kochi Library.