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Shared facilities

Our research equipment or instrumentation and our marine core materials may be used by research staff and students at Kochi University and at other research and educational institutions, as well as personnel at companies all over the world. Various opportunities to use our facilities are available, depending on applicants’ affiliation and the purpose of their visit.

Joint-Use Program

●The Center for Advanced Marine Core Research at Kochi University is a nationwide joint-use research facility established in April 2003. In June 2009, the Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology has recognized the CMCR as a Joint Usage/Research Center for Drilling Earth Science.

●Researchers and students from research institutions (including Kochi University) may use the CMCR research facilities and equipment.

●Research proposals on a broad range of subjects are accepted by a selection committee.

Kochi Core Center Open Facility System

●Kochi Core Center Open Facility System (KOFS) is cooperated by the CMCR at Kochi University and JAMSTEC’s Kochi Institute for Core Sample Research. Many types of equipment are available to meet various needs. Anyone may apply to use this system for a fee. Applications and inquiries are accepted throughout the year.

For Kochi University Personnel

●Faculty and students at Kochi University may use our equipment for research. The application procedure is different for analytical equipment from that for sample preparation.

Academic-Based Core Repository

●Our institute stores and manages marine and land cores collected during cruises and research projects, and we support research activities of the Earth-science drilling community.

Other Services

●We welcome visitors to our institute. We arrange guided tours upon request. Too, CMCR makes available for external events facilities such as the seminar, committee, and sampling rooms. Before applying, see instructions via the link below.