Summer Courses in Japanese Language and Culture


Kochi University(KU) contributes to the globalized academic community by offering tuition free courses taught in English for its partner universities in Australia, US, Europe and countries whose official language is English.


Course Profile

There are two courses to accommodate students with different needs.


1. Intensive Language Course

 In a three-week long course, students will have a chance to study the Japanese language intensively. They will spend a total of 37.5 class hours in a small class. After the class, students can join a guided tour to explore the city.


2. Japanese Culture Course
 A 10-day course is offered for students from KU's partner universities who have never studied the language but wish to learn the basics including how to read and write hiragana and katakana, learn how to say simple things while visiting various tourist attractions in and around Kochi experiencing the culture.


Course Catalogue

矢印 Intensive Language Course (N/A)  

矢印 Japanese Culture Course (July 2-12, 2019) for other partner universities' students 


How to Apply

To apply for a place on either of our summer courses please complete an online application through the following website.The deadline is 30 April 2019.

Registration may close early if the enrollment reaches capacity before this date.


矢印Application form for other partner universities

Prospective applicants must be registered full-time at Kochi University's partner universities.

The list of our partners can be found on the following page.



【Contact Information】

  For more information about our courses please contact:

  Global Education and Advancement Support Center 

  Kochi University

  2-5-1 Akebono-cho, Kochi 780-8520 JAPAN

  E-mail: global-education@kochi-u.ac.jp

  T E L : +81(0) 88 844 8645