Medicine Program (Doctoral Course)

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The Medicine Program (Doctoral Course) has educational mission in cultivating ethics deeply, enriching human nature and providing sophisticated medical knowledge and skills. Establishing system of education and research adopting paradigm of natural science and human science, the program aims to develop high level of medical research and medicine which covers wide range of subjects and therefore can flexibly address diverse social demands. In addition to development of such medical research and medicine, the course aims to grow human resources contributing promotion of medicine and medical science characterized by features of community in Kochi Prefecture, excellent medical researcher contributing internationally, and clinically specialized doctor (good doctor) having research mindset.

Medicine Program (Doctoral Course)

Enrollment capacity

Admission Capacity 30*
Total Capacity in Major 120*

*Capacity includes the number of both domestic and international students. “Total Capacity in Major” means the maximum number of students who can be enrolled in Medicine (Doctoral Course).


Doctoral degree (Medicine) is basically granted to those who have been enrolled in Medicine Program (Doctoral Course) of Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences equal to or more than 4 years, completed equal to or more than 30 credits in certain subjects and passed examination for doctoral thesis and final examination under required research supervising.
Exceptionally, those who have been enrolled for equal to or more than 3 years and achieved astonishingly excellent research results may be rewarded degree.