Medical Science Program (Master’s Course)

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The Medical Science Program (Master’s Course) aims to train researchers and educators working for medical scientific field who acquire highly professionalized knowledge and skills by providing education on wide range of knowledge related to medicine systematically and intensively. The course also aims to grow students to be experts capable of comprehensively addressing any social issues.

Medical Science Program (Master’s Course)

Enrollment capacity

Admission Capacity 15*
Total Capacity in Major 30*

*Capacity includes the number of both domestic and international students. “Total Capacity in Major” means the maximum number of students who can be enrolled in Medical Science (Master’s Course).


Master’s degree is granted to those who have been enrolled in Medical Science Course for equal to or more than 2 years, completed equal to or more than 30 credits in certain subjects required in the major and passed examination about master’s thesis or certain issue (certain issue is optional only for Public Health Course students) by graduation. Degree is master’s degree (Medical Science) by completing Medical Science Course or Healthcare Innovation Course, or master’s degree (Public Health) by completing Public Health Course.