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We are in charge of a course of lectures on General and Organ Pathology for the 3rd to 6th grade medical students. This should be the first opportunity for the students to learn the concept of disease. In the section of General Pathology, we provide an introduction to the fundamental mechanisms of major abnormalities in terms of morphology and molecular biology. Subsequently, in the Organ Pathology section, we give more specialized and systematic lectures on pathogenesis and histopathological diagnosis of diseases in every organ. In addition, the 3-6th grade students must take a training course in Pathology(3rd grade:CPC Exercise; 4th grade:Pre-Clerkship[2019-]; 5th grade:Clinical-Clerkship[2019-]; 6th grade:Clinical trainingⅡ),where the students morphologically scrutinize real autopsy cases and present their diagnoses according to the manner of Clinico-Pathological Conference (CPC). On request, we also participate in the Problem-based Learning (PBL), which is organized by clinical faculty staff.


Our research program centers on studies of mechanisms of neoplastic diseases and lifestyle diseases, etc. Our data using animals, cell lines, blood, etc. as well as human tissues have achieved results. Our laboratory is open to all students who are interested in research on our projects.

Research areas

  1. Research on Langerhans cell histiocytosis
  2. Tumor-related gene expression in pancreatic carcinogenesis
  3. The interaction between glucose metabolism and ischemic preconditioning and VHL
  4. The molecular mechanisms for invasion in esophageal and pancreas cancer


Department Name
Professor Ichiro Murakami
Professor Mutsuo Furihata
Associate Professor Atsushi Kurabayashi
Associate Professor Seiji Naganuma
Assistant Lecturer Mitsuko Iguchi
Assistant Lecturer Junko Nakashima
Assistant Lecturer Chiharu Tanaka
Assistant Lecturer Waka Iwashita
Kochi Medical School Department of Pathology

Kochi Medical School
Department of Pathology