Clinical Epidemiology

Our Department

The Department of Clinical Epidemiology was established at Kochi Medical University School of Medicine in April 2020. It is supported by Kochi Prefecture and manages the Kochi Prefecture Clinical Research Fellowship.

We provide one protected day per week for the training and proceeding your clinical research while performing clinical work four days per week in the community medicine field. You are supervised by me as a local mentor and by clinical epidemiology experts from Kochi University, Kyoto University, and other universities, which aims to proceed and publish clinical research in three years.

Clinical epidemiology is a field that health care professionals try to resolve their clinical problems in daily clinical settings by an epidemiological approach rather than an interventional approach. The community medicine in Kochi is already facing various critical issues that the world will face in the future, so we have abundant clinical questions to resolve using clinical epidemiology.

Why don't you try to perform clinical research to contribute to your daily practice and eventually to society?

Our Education

Management of Kochi Prefecture Clinical Research Fellowship

Lectures for Student of Kochi Medical School

Research mentoring for medical doctors affiliated in Kochi Prefecture

Clinical researcher training seminars in Kochi, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Fukushima, Nagano, and other prefectures (mainly online workshops in 2020)

Our Research

Clinical research on intractable diseases in the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and AMED

Real-world database research using administrative claim data.

Multicenter disease registry construction


Department Name
Specially Appointed Professor Kenei Sada

Kochi Medical School
Department of Clinical Epidemiology