Kochi-Umajimura Yuzu Health Research Course

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The “Kochi-Umajimura Yuzu Health Research Course” is a course specializing in research on Yuzu’s active ingredients. Umajimura Agricultural Cooperative and Kochi University signed a joint research agreement in 2009. Since then, they have been researching the active ingredients in Yuzu seed oil and Yuzu juice. This course was established in 2018 as the first joint research course at Kochi University. It aims to further develop joint research on Yuzu.

So far, we have discovered the functionality of the Yuzu seed oil. Because of our research, we have launched the “Hyakunengen,” a gelatin capsule filled with Yuzu seed oil. Ever since, we have been researching improvements in Yuzu juice’s intestinal environment, leading to the launch of the “Yuzu-chan Jelly.” Both the “Hyakunengen” and “Yuzu-chan Jelly” are being prepared for application to foods with functional claims.

This course welcomes researchers from the Umajimura Agricultural Cooperative as specially appointed faculty members at the university. They are being appointed while they are still enrolled in the agricultural cooperative and are conducting joint research. Therefore, a consistent research system has been established, from basic research to commercialization.