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Center of Medical Information Science has been doing a lot to improve medical services in The School Hospital since it began Operating IMIS (Integrated Medical Information System) for The first time in Japan which was developed independently by Kochi Medical School in 1981, when the School Hospital Opened. The IMIS of Kochi Medical School ,which became the model case of its kinds in Japan,is now regarded as the forerunner of medical information systems which have been widely used in universities and hospitals throughout Japan.

This achievement brought Kochi Medical School“the Ishikawa Prize” in 1983 from Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers. In 1985, the Center was approved by The Ministry of Education. Since it was completely improved in 2002, the IMIS has developed into a new IMIS with the functions of an electronic medical record system a medical process management system, which leads the medical world in Japan. In addition, the IMIS has accumulated a mass of medical date which have come from daily medical treatment. These precious data,which have been piled up for over 37 years and are so substantial as to be unequaled anywhere in the world,have been applied to various researches. The Center not only has been actively doing research on the application to medicine and medical treatment through an information-theoretical approach ,but also it has been working on the nurturing of human resources who can do such research.
To make it come true,we have started a new course in the Graduate School.

Kochi Medical School

Kochi Medical School
Center of Medical Information Science