MD-PhD Course


Recently, it has been regarded problem that less research are done by medical school. Without research as investment for future intellectual prosperity, there will be risk of lowering medical standard in Japan and that of diminishing doctors’ ability in the future. In order to hedge such risk, Medical Course of Kochi Medical School for undergraduate students provides curriculum named “Advanced Medicine Course” as elective compulsory subjects during the first three years when students are usually highly motivated and intellectually flexible. Those who are enrolled in Advanced Medicine Course experience research in developmental research environment for advanced medicine, take training to write and conclude thesis about the results. Then, students will be accredited credits for the subject in the end of 4th year by passing criteria about fundamental academic ability necessary for medical research, capability of getting adequate results from research focusing on specific issues, and ability to present research thesis.

MD-PhD Course is designed that graduate students from Medical Course of Kochi Medical School who passed Advanced Medicine Course can further deepen and develop research through their study in Medicine Program (Doctorate Course) in Graduate School after graduation. MD-PhD Course will grow doctors and medical researchers who have sophisticated professional knowledge and wider range of view. Training on necessary global communication skills to publish results of research worldwide and to take accreditation will be provided. Global communication skills include capability of logical thinking and sharing thoughts and generous mindset helping understand diverse ideas and culture, as well as conversation skills and writing and listening skills in English. Students can acquire data mining ability and biological statistics knowledge and skills necessary for clinical trials and animal experimentation through the course. The course also aims to have students learn knowledge of life ethics and compliance and recharge universal ability including human nature abiding by such kind of ethics and compliance.

To graduate from Medical Course of Kochi Medical School (Undergraduate) and to obtain credits of subject “Advanced Medicine Course IV”

Through MD-PhD Course, we will grow human resources explained in the below list.

  1. Human resources who can independently take action with collaborating with others as research in charge of core of development of advanced medicine
  2. Human resources who can discover proper issues by utilizing flexible thinking ability and deep insight
  3. Human resources who do not only have sophisticated professional knowledge but also have interests in other fields of study and rich academic knowledge, and those who can solve issues with comprehending overview
  4. Human resources who understand diverse cultures, values, history, society, nature and environment and have global communication ability which can work well internationally

Admission Policy

We hope to enroll those who graduated from Medical Course of Kochi Medical School and obtained credits of subject “Advanced Medicine Course IV” and those described in the below list.

  1. Those who are willing to contribute to development of medicine as fundamental medical researcher or clinical medical researcher at university and other type of research institute
  2. Those who are willing to contribute to development of medicine and medical care as doctor with specialty at hospital and other type of medical institute
  3. Those who are willing to contribute to development of medical care and welfare services at government agency

Supervisors for Research and Main Theme of Research

For MD-PhD Course, you can be trained on research by supervisor shown in the lists of “Supervisors for Research and Main Theme of Research” of Life Science Course, Clinical Science Course or Information Healthcare Science Course.