Ocean and Medicine Course


Ocean and Medicine Course focuses on medical research related to marine science, which is research field addressing issues surrounding discovery and application of physiologically active substance from unrevealed marine resources to medical science and impact of marine climate to human health.

In Medicine Program (Doctoral Course), research activities having theme of ocean have been conducted. Some of such research activities include medical research applying active ingredient extracted from deep ocean water and marine biological resources.

Medical research is differentiated in three major categories that are fundamental, clinical and socio-medical research. The physiological and pharmacological effectiveness is confirmed through In-vitro and In-vivo research in fundamental medical research, and then clinical research is proceeded targeting human. Additionally, the impact on health condition of human as group caused by environmental factor including climate is observed, so as to address relevant issues. Given those three points of view, Ocean and Medicine Course has started as space to learn any medical research theme related to ocean mainly based on seabed resources by utilizing collaboration with Center for Advanced Marine Core Research, Kochi University, which is one of the three major core research centers in the world.

Admission Policy

Those who are interested in marine science and eager to open up resource frontier by applying medical research to marine science

Those who are interested in medical research and eager to pioneer new research field by applying technique of marine science to medical science

Supervisors for Research and Main Theme of Research

Supervisors for Research Department Main Theme of Research Humanities Sciences
SUGANUMA Narufumi Human Health and Medical Sciences, Preventive and Community Medicine Section Occupational respiratory disease, occupational health, environmental medicine, international health, medical science related to ocean climate
SAITO Motoaki Pharmacology Pharmacology of substances derived from marine microorganisms