Department of Surgery, Breast Surgical Oncology


We offer diagnosis and treatment of breast disease, and surgical treatment of thyroid and parathyroid disease. Especially our focus is on breast disease, and provide diagnosis of breast cancer, surgery, postoperative treatment such as endocrine therapy or chemotherapy, and comprehensive treatment for advanced or metastatic breast cancer. We provide full range of breast cancer treatments to support patients who live while receiving treatment with Plastic Surgery, Radiology, and various kinds of medical staff, such as nurse, pharmacist, social worker. We also provide genetic counseling and conduct genetic testing (partly not covered by insurance) to deal with hereditary breast cancer in cooperation with the Clinical Genetics Department, and newly practice cancer precision medicine.

Research areas

We aim for the translational research that develops clinical questions and problems from fundamental research and leads them to new clinical applications.

Research Topics

  1. Sentinel lymphnode biopsy with a combination of blue dye and radioisotope in breast cancer
  2. The development research of sentinel lymphnode biopsy in breast cancer using a new camera system that can acquire full color image and fluorescence image at the same time
  3. The research about remote diagnosis of digital mammography in breast cancer screening
  4. The research about prognostic factors after breast cancer surgery
  5. Research on the construction of genetic medical care system of Hereditary Breast Cancer Ovarian Cancer Syndrome(HBOC)
  6. Exploratory study of causative genes for familial breast cancer with unknown gene mutations
  7. Research for promoting cancer genomic medicine


Department Name
Associate Professor(Hospital Professor) Takeki Sugimoto
Assistant Lecturer Toyokazu Oki
Specially Appointed Assistant Lecturer Maho Ogawa