Department of Pediatrics


All of medical diseases in childhood and adolescence are educated and studied in the Department of Pediatricts. Although the most common diseases of children are infectious diseases, pediatricians must examine various diseases including kidney diseases, hematologic diseases, neoplastic diseases, allergic diseases, cardiovascular diseases, endocrine diseases, metabolic disorders, neurologic diseases represented by epilepsy, collagen diseases, inflammatory diseases, and neonatal care. And we are engaged in psychosomatic disorders and developmental disorders, except for medical diseases. Moreover, we support the healthy development of children by medical examination, and try for the prevention of infectious diseases by vaccination.

We investigate the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of various diseases through routine medical care. In the clinical study, we attend multicenter collaborative studies of infectious diseases, hematologic disease, neoplastic diseases, allergic diseases, cardiovascular diseases, etc , and try to improve the treatment outcome of various intractable diseases. We perform medical care and clinical study that attached great importance to quality of life (QOL) of the patients and their family and long-term follow-up, with policy that the pediatricians have to understand the psychological situation of the patients and their family on the occasion of medical care and research. Moreover, we are now researching about regenerative medicine by transfusion of the umbilical cord blood.

To provide national top-level medical care in Kochi prefecture, we study a field of specialty in medical centers and research institutes in Japan (i.e., National Center for Child Health and Development, National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center, National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Tokyo Women’s Medical University, National Cancer Center, Osaka Women's and Children's Hospital, etc.), and make efforts to proceed with high-level clinical research.

Research areas

1. ) Infectious diseases

  1. The investigation to evaluate the effects and adverse effects of pneumococcal vaccine and Hemophilus influenza type B (Hib) vaccine to prevent purulent meningitis
  2. The investigation to evaluate the effects and adverse effects or rotavirus vaccination
  3. The epidermological survey of pertussis

2.) Hematologic and Neoplastic diseases

  1. Multicenter collaborative study by in children with leukemias, lymphomas and solid tumors

3. ) Kidney diseases

  1. The study of acute kidney injury, electrolyte disorders in neonate
  2. The evaluation of the treatment of Henoch-Shoenlein purpura nephritis

4. ) Neonatology

  1. The study of developmental disorders of very low birth weight infant
  2. The study on the development of infants born to mothers with mental disorders

5.) Endocrinology and Metabolic diseorders

  1. The study of the function of thyroid gland in Down syndrome
  2. The study of adrenal function in premature babies

6.) Allergic diseases

  1. Infectious diseases associated with asthma exacerbation
  2. The education for school staff about the management of students with anaphylaxis
  3. The education for patients with allergic diseases
  4. The study of the association between allergic disease and sensitization, and Helicobacter pylori infection.

7. ) Child-care support, and adolescent support

  1. The establishment of early diagnosis system and treatment for developmental disorders

8.) Otheres

  1. National large-scale investigation by EcoChil
  2. Regenerative medicine by transfusion of the umbilical cord blood


Department Name
Professor Mikiya Fujieda
Associate Professor Hiroaki Hisakawa
Assistant Professor Masaki Yamamoto
Assistant Lecturer Taku Oishi
Assistant Lecturer Masayuki Ishihara
Assistant Lecturer Hiroaki Kikuchi
Assistant Lecturer Noriko Miura
Assistant Lecturer(Perinatal Intensive Care Center) Mariko Araki
Assistant Lecturer(Perinatal Intensive Care Center) Wataru Tamaki
Specially Appointed Assistant Lecturer Yusuke Morishita
Specially Appointed Assistant Lecturer Yoshiki Nagao
Specially Appointed Assistant Lecturer(Environmental Medicine) Naomi Mitsuda
Kochi Medical School Department of Pediatrics

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Department of Pediatrics